What Is BitPonies?

BitPonies is a digital game that operates on breedable, collectible, and eventually raceable horses. Each BitPony is unique and completely owned by the user. The game utilizes the blockchain technology, just as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The blockchain technology enables users to secure their BitPonies and to track their ownership and transactions.

BitPonies are crypto collectibles, which means users are able to buy, sell, or trade their BitPonies just as they do with cards, stamps, or any other collectible. The platform will soon introduce a situation in which users will be able to race with their BitPonies against other players on the platform.

Each BitPony has dominant and hidden traits, which help players build their own BitPony. However, it’s also possible to discover unannounced mystery traits and claim rights to first ownership forever.

How BitPonies Blockchain Crypto Collectible Race Horses Works

The platform can track BitPonies ownership through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Besides, BitPonies are distributed automatically through a smart contract. This happens at the rate of one BitPony after every fifteen minutes. There will be 672 BitPonies every week for one year.

Each Pony comes with a different visual appearance, referred to as ‘phenotype.’ The immutable genes present in the smart contract, referred to as ‘genotype’, determine the visual appearance. Since Ponies are tokens on blockchain, users can buy, sell, or transfer them digitally with a strong guarantee of ownership.

Besides, any two BitPonies can breed together to create an offspring, resulting from the genetic infusion of the two parents. In each pairing, one BitPony acts as the sire while the other BitPony will incubate the new pony. The sire will have a short recovery period before engaging in another breeding while the incubating BitPony will not engage in other breeding during that time. The recovery period of the sire increases each time they sire.

When the gestation period matures, the BitPony is born and both the genotype and phenotype revealed. The platform automatically assigns the new BitPony to the owner of the dame Pony immediately after birth. Both the mother and the new pony are available for further breeding immediately after birth.

BitPonies Features

BitPonies has the following features:

  • BitPonies is a non-fungible token ERC #721 that is indivisible and unique.
  • The smart contracts will have more than 4 billion variations of phenotypes and genotypes.
  • Bitponies operates on the ethereum network; therefore, Ether is necessary to fuel transactions, which include purchasing and breeding BitPonies.
  • Two BitPonies can breed a new BitPonie offspring.

BitPonies Smart Contract Structure

The Core BitPonies smart contract will track the genotype and ownership of all BitPonies. The platform will also create ‘library’ contracts, branching out of the Core Contract. This will save the issue of amending or replacing smart contracts. According to their website, the core contract will perform the following functions:

  • Keeping track of ownership and ownership transfers for all extant BitPonies, including newly bred ponies.
  • Keeping track of approved transfers and approved siring
  • Providing a mechanism for transferring all information to a future Core Contract version, especially if some critical bug is discovered.
  • Maintaining pointers to the current versions of all library contracts, which can be dynamically updated.

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