The BitProperty platform has been envisioned as an ecosystem that will cover the whole cycle of buying, selling, and making investments in the real estate sector. This platform will cover things such as tokenization and servicing of real estate. This will assist sellers, buyers, and even investors to make transactions in real estate with ease. Besides that, they will be able to participate in investments from $100 and get up to 40% in dividend annually.

The Utilization Of DApp Technology

The entire ecosystem for this project is based on a DApp. The DApp runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This DApp will consist of two subsystems. The first one is the BitProperty platform, which will solve issues such as placing the best property to purchase, sell, or invest, help developers and sellers tokenize real estate, and offer the needed infrastructure for quick transactions. The other subsystem is the BitProperty foundation. It will admit, evaluate, and manage the portfolio of tokens.

Current Problems that Exist

One of the main issues with real estate today is conservatism. The current model used in monitoring the construction industry is quite outdated. In most cases, it leads to higher construction costs and time limits for delivery of projects. The result is that the sector has been closed off to most people.

The problem is made worse by the lack of a database for construction sites, which need more funding. Besides that, the public access to this data is quite limited. The BitProperty solution will make it possible for large companies and the average person to be part of the industry.

Besides that, this project will make it possible for developers globally to attract funding from various sources. This will ensure that the pool of participants will be quite large. This system will create an atmosphere of great pricing through competition.

bitproperty homepage

BitProperty Token Sale

The Pre-ICO

  • Start: May 1, 2018
  • End: May 31, 2018
  • Pre-ICO price: $ 0.5 + 35% bonus

Main ICO

  • Start: June 11, 2018
  • End July 11, 2018
  • Ticker: BPS
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
  • Total tokens: 80,000,000
  • Tokens released for sale: 64,000,000
  • Reserved tokens for advisors and team: 8,000,000
  • Reserved tokens for future development: 8,000,000
  • ICO Price: $0.5
  • Soft Cap: $1,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $5,800,000

The Current Market

The real estate sector is a major driver of growth in many nations globally. In 2016, the market was estimated at 217 trillion. Of this, 8.6 trillion was in construction alone. It is estimated that the global construction sector will grow by 74% by 2020. The result is that it will be a sector worth over $15 trillion.

After 2020, most of the growth in this industry will be in developing nations. This will not be because of rapid growth in population. It will also be driven by the growing attractiveness of China, India, and South Africa. Besides that, it is expected that in the next 15 years, a quarter of the world population will be in 600 large cities.


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