About BitRadio

New technologies are renovating and even revolutionizing the way that we think about radios. BitRadio, the platform that we will review today, is one of these platforms that might surprise you. It is a free to use community-driven radio service that already has more than 30,000 different radio stations on it.

At the moment, Bitrad.io is on its Beta version, which is still far away from the final version intended by the company, so many features are still able to be changed before the official version of the platform is finally released. The software is open source, so anyone will be able to see the code and even to make suggestions about how to develop this company in the future.

How Does BitRadio Work?

BitRadio is a proof of stake platform. This means that the network works using staking. You get 0.5 BRO token every time that you complete a block. Anyone will 2500 BRO tokens is able to run a master node and will get more rewards for staking.

The technology is 100% transparent. Everyone is able to see the transactions on the blockchain but they are anonymous, so no personal information is attached to the transactions. The company states that the transactions are fast and eco-friendly because they do not require the same amount of power that cryptocurrency mining does.

Finally, you can also get money from listening to music on the platform. You earn activity points whenever you are active in the system and BRO tokens are sent later to the people who were listening to music in the last hour.

The Bitrad.io Wallet

To store your BitRadio BRO tokens, you will need a wallet. The company currently has a wallet that is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux (Debian and Raspbian). You can download it on Github and install on your computer.

At the moment, unfortunately, the company still does not seem to have a wallet compatible with smartphones. On the other hand, there are players developed for both iPhones and iPads (but not Android systems at the time of this report).

The BitRadio Resources

BitRadio has many resources that can help you to become more well informed and to use the platform better. One of the main resources is the Bitrad.io forum. The forum was created so the users can debate and help in the construction of the platform while it is still being made.

The exchange, as you might imagine, is also another important resource because it is where the users of this cryptocurrency trade it and buy Bitrad.io tokens. The company has also created a block explorer, in which you are able to see all the transactions that have been made before, as they are stored on the blockchain forever.

Finally, there is also the BitRadio Dice, a game in which you can use your tokens to bet on a number from 1 to 9,999 and you win if the number is less than the number that you bet on. The numbers are randomly generated via the blockchain, so there is no foul play involved and it is impossible to create a scam.

BitRadio (BRO Token) Conclusion

BitRadio seems like an interesting platform for earning cryptocurrency in a passive way. You basically do not need to invest too much on this platform but you can surely earn a good quantity of money by staking and listening to music, so this makes Bitrad.io a very interesting platform for you.

The company is not having a sale but you can buy its tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. Also, if you liked the company and you want to help it, you can donate cryptocurrency to it. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and Monero are accepted.

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