The cryptocurrency market is currently composed of more than 1,200 different individual digital currencies, with initial coin offerings bringing more into the ever-growing token roster every day. This unique market environment provides fast-moving traders with the ability to exploit extremely lucrative arbitrage opportunities.

Keeping on top of the ever-shifting cryptocurrency market, however, can be difficult, especially for new investors. As a result, a new investment technique has recently become popular in the crypto ecosystem, offering investors the ability to invest in short term high yield investment programs.

These programs, called high yield investment programs, or HYIPs, are a potentially lucrative way of generating a significant amount of profit over short amount of time. When investing in HYIPs, it’s important to get in early and get out fast, as they tend to develop withdrawal issues at later stages. In early stages of operation, however, HYIPs can be potentially stable and lucrative.

In this article, we’ll take a look at one of the newest high yield investment programs on the market, We’ll take a look at the platform and find out what it offers to help you decide whether it’s worth considering as an investment.

What Is is a new high yield investment program that focuses on exploiting arbitrage opportunities in the forex and cryptocurrency markets to generate a high amount of profit in a short amount of time. The platform allows investors to select from a number of programs that can be funded with Bitcoin. Investment Plans offers five different investment plans:

  • 0.42% hourly return, or 10% daily, with a maximum deposit of 1 BTC
  • 0.50% hourly return, or a 12$ daily return, with a maximum deposit of 5 BTC
  • 0.80% hourly return, or a 19% daily profit that has a maximum investment of 25 BTC
  • 1.0% hourly return, or a 24% daily profit with a maximum deposit of 100 BTC Verdict

When investing in HYIP platforms, it’s essential to perform your due diligence and ensure that you’ve considered the potential risks and benefits. That said, is a recent addition to the cryptocurrency HYIP roster, and is worth consideration as a reputable platform.

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  1. Don’t try its a scam. I have been scammed by Bitregal. When my account reaches that minimum withdrawal amount they blocked my account. I can’t log-in. Reset password wont do. As if they erased everything. But when I try to register a new, they get me in. ITS A SCAM PEOPLE BEWARE.


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