Bitreon is coming Will Patreon be replaced by the new service

A team of programmers has recently announced a new, Patreon-like service that will be fueled by Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Unlike Patreon itself, however, the new platform will be censorship resistant. The goal of its developers is to raise up to 100 BCH tokens to fund the project, and with 47 BCH already raised, the developers are already halfway there.

Patreon cannot meet all of the user requirements

Ever since its creation in 2013, Patreon has managed to attract a large number of users. It is a subscription-based platform that allows content creators to make a profit by uploading various content, their subscribers are interested in viewing.

As mentioned, the service gained a lot of popularity over the last five years, and is currently being used by artists, Youtubers, musicians, podcasters, as well as crypto luminaries. Despite its popularity, however, Patreon is still a centralized service, which means that a certain amount of censorship is present. This mostly includes things like adult content, but the users of the service, as well as their subscribers still found that the censorship is a problem.

Not only that, but the crypto enthusiasts are growing more and more dissatisfied with the service's inability to accept BTC payments, due to the fact that its protocols do not allow it. The reason for this is the potential issues with the IRS.

Introduction of the

With a situation like that, two developers – Maciej Bowkorski and Jimmy Birer – decided to create an alternative to The launch of the service is scheduled for August 1, while the complete app is to come out only a month later, on September 1. The project's whitepaper is already available for viewing, and can be accessed publicly. It contains details regarding the way that the platform will work, as well as how it plans to use BCH.

According to developers, the fact that Patreon doesn't allow crypto payments has opened a place for a new platform which will be completely decentralized, and will be crypto-oriented. Additionally, both the creators and their subscribers will have complete freedom to post whatever kind of content they want.

In the spirit of cryptocurrencies, the platform will offer privacy, anonymity, and security of payments. That way, the creators will be able to reach their full creative potential, while the subscribers will be able to enjoy their favorite content without censorship concerns.

The developers also stated that their goal is to make this platform the most popular content membership platform online. By doing this, they also hope to see an increase in adoption of BCH, which will be beneficial to all of the coin's supporters around the world.

The platform's many benefits

Despite the fact that Bitreon will be like Patreon in many aspects, there will still be a lot of benefits to using this platform. Some of those will include things like Electron Cash plugin, the ability to create smart contracts, anonymity, as well as the ability to make payments without sharing private information. The developers also stated that they, as well as their platform, will always defend the users' right to free speech.

To create this platform, the developers have set up a goal of collecting 100 BCH coins, which would translate to $72,922. So far, they have collected around 47 BCH, which puts them nearly halfway to achieving their goal.

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