Bitron BTN ICO Review

Bitron BTN is advertising itself as a powerful investment opportunity where you can earn 20% returns per month and higher. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Bitron BTN?

Bitron, also known as “Bitron Platform”, is a financial investment scheme that claims to pay you 20% returns per month. The company is also selling its tokens for $0.20 today – although the company claims its tokens will be worth $25 in just a few short weeks.

Typically, when someone sells you something for $1 today and claims it will be worth $100 in a few weeks, it means they’re lying to you. Is Bitron yet another scam? Or is this a legitimate investment opportunity that will get you rich quick? Let’s take a closer look at how Bitron works.

How Does Bitron Work?

Bitron doesn’t really appear to have a purpose aside from working as a Ponzi scheme: you pay money into the company. The returns of older investors are paid by the deposits of newer investors until the scheme collapses. Bitron doesn’t claim to sell any products or services, nor does it claim to solve any real world problems. Instead, the only real purpose of the platform is to pay users 20% per month in exchange for staking and 10% per month in exchange for lending.

Obviously, even the world’s best investments don’t pay guaranteed returns of 10% to 20% per month. But the 240% annual returns aren’t even the most ridiculous part about Bitron: the company is selling tokens for just $0.20 in February 2018 while promising investors that the tokens will be worth $25 in the near future.

The company doesn’t provide any evidence behind this valuation, nor does it explain why the tokens are expected to be worth this much money.

The Bitron BTN ICO

Ultimately, Bitron doesn’t appear to have any legitimate business plan in place. Instead, the main goal of the company is to attract money during its ICO. The Bitron ICO begins with a pre-ICO from February 20 to February 28, 2018. Tokens are priced at $0.20 during that pre-ICO. The main ICO, meanwhile, is scheduled for March 2 to April 2, 2018.

There’s a maximum supply of 50 million Bitron tokens. Just 14 million tokens are being sold during the ICO. The remaining tokens are reserved for ICO bonuses (7 million), staking returns (20.4 million), a reserve fund (4.1 million), and a pre-sale (3 million).

Tokens are listed under the symbol BTN.


Bitron advertises all of the following features:

  • Bitron uses proof of stake, or PoS, to secure and authorize transactions
  • Earn 20% guaranteed returns per month by locking your money with Bitron
  • Block time of 5 minutes
  • Block difficulty recalculated based on the network

Overall, Bitron claims that it’s “better than any blockchain” because it’s “built on the most advanced blockchain technology that is scalable, secure & interoperates different networks.”

Bitron Investment Packages

Bitron doesn’t explain how it makes money. The company has no business model in place. They have no publicly available management team, nor do they have any transparency about any aspect of their operations. Despite this total lack of transparency, the company claims to guarantee returns of 10% to 20% per month for investors.

All you need to do is lock your money into one of the following investment packages:

  • Startup ($100 to $1000): Money locked for 299 days, guaranteed ROIs of 10% per month
  • Growth ($1010 to $5000): Money locked for 240 days, guaranteed ROIs of 10% per month and 0.17% per day
  • Premium ($5010 to $10,000): Money locked for 180 days, guaranteed ROIs of 10% per month and 0.25% per day
  • Enterprise ($10,010 to $100,000): Money locked for 90 days, guaranteed ROIs of 10% per month and 0.30% per day

Who’s Behind Bitron BTN?

Bitron, like most cryptocurrency scams online, refuses to disclose any team information or contact info.

The only information we have about the team comes from the official website, which explains that the platform was “carefully developed by industry experts all based in Estonia and Switzerland.” Aside from this basic information, however, we have no idea who made Bitron or what their experience may be.

If someone is selling you an investment that pays big money online, but refuses to disclose any personal information, and is demanding that you send money to their anonymous address, it’s a 100% sign you’re being scammed.

Bitron BTN ICO Conclusion

Bitron isn’t even a good cryptocurrency scam. The company claims to pay users returns of 10% to 20% per month, yet the company has no information about its business plan. The company sells no products or services, and they refuse to disclose any team information online. Even if the company does pay you 10% returns per month through staking, those 10% returns come in the form of value-less Bitron tokens – not real cash.

For all of these reasons and more, Bitron is a blatant scam you should probably avoid.

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  1. I put 190 into this back in Feb. Today Dec 2018 it’s worth twice that. XVG, SALT, VIBE those are my biggest losers. 95%+ down. I should of went all in on Bitron.


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