BitRootZ, found online at, is an unregulated, cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding platform. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is BitRootZ?

BitRootZ appears to be a scam. The platform, like other online scams, features a lending scheme with unusually high returns, anonymous team information, and an overall lack of transparency.

The official BitRootZ website describes the platform as “an unregulated and controversial means of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency.”

The platform also describes itself as “a decentralized insurance platform base [sic] on Ethereum smart contract and private network” – so clearly, there are multiple factors at play with BitRootZ.

In any case, BitRootZ doesn’t seem concerned with explaining their business model to investors; instead, the team is mostly concerned with explaining how BitRootZ is such a good opportunity for anyone to earn “financial stability.” By buying BRZ tokens today, you can get rich quick with no risk required.

In fact, the company will pay you 45% per month ROI and higher just for sending them thousands of dollars online today.

How Does BitRootZ Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Platform Work?

As mentioned above, BitRootZ appears to have an identity crisis: the platform describes itself as two different things:

  • “An unregulated and controversial means of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency”
  • “A decentralized insurance platform base on Ethereum smart contract and private network”

Seriously – these are the two sentences the platform uses to explain how BitRootZ works.

In reality, BitRootZ appears to be a complete scam: the platform exists solely to sell you a scam coin called “BRZ”. After you buy BRZ, you can stake the coin to earn 120% returns per year and higher (the platform promises returns of 10% per month via staking).

However, to really make money via BitRootZ, you’ll want to participate in the lending platform, which offers guaranteed payments of 45% per month plus additional daily interest. The company doesn’t disclose how it generates money through this lending program. They also don’t explain further how their “insurance platform” works. Nevertheless, here’s how the “investment packages” break down:

  • $100 to $1000 Package: 45% per month, money locked for 240 days
  • $1010 to $5000 Package: 45% per month + 0.10% per day, money locked for 210 days
  • $5010 to $10,000: 45% per month + 0.20% per day, money locked for 180 days
  • $10010 to $100,000: 45% per month + 0.25% per day, money locked for 120 days

Obviously, no legal investment will ever pay you a guaranteed return close to 45% per month. BitRootZ not only promises returns this high – it actually promises an additional 0.25% ROI per day on top of it.

BitRootZ BRZ ICO Details

There’s a total supply of 50 million BitRootZ tokens (BRZ). 15 million tokens were distributed via the ICO.

It’s unclear where the remaining tokens are going. However, typically with lending schemes like BitRootZ, the tokens are held by the company for vague purposes like “development”. In reality, the tokens will be used to finance the scheme until everything collapses.

An ICO for BRZ tokens appears to have been completed in January 2018. As of February 2, 2018, the BitRootZ official website features a completed countdown timer.

Who’s Behind BitRootZ?

As with most online scams, there’s no information about the BitRootZ team available online. The company refuses to disclose who’s running the company or why they’re qualified to handle your investment.

If someone is advertising a powerful investment opportunity to you online, but refuses to disclose their personal identity, it’s a sign you’re probably being scammed.

The BitRootZ LinkedIn page lists its location as Mountain View, California (in Silicon Valley). However, this seems unlikely.

BitRootZ Conclusion

BitRootZ is a blatant scam that promises to pay users 45% returns per month through a vaguely-defined “lending scheme.” The company has no business model in place, nor do they have any transparency. There’s no team information available online, for example, and there’s no reason to believe anything the company says about itself or its business plan.

To learn more about BitRootZ and decide for yourself if it’s worth an investment, visit online today at

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