bits max

High Yield Investment Programmes provide risk lovers with a daily yield through a high risk investment system. By committing funds into these programmes, investors receive high pay outs. Let’s look at one such HYIP called Bits Max.

Is Bits Max Paying?

As of now, we are not in a position to confirm whether Bits Max is making its daily payments to its investors as we are reviewing some more promising HYIPs. Since HYIPs are high risk ventures, an investor should look at monitors and avoid reinvesting their funds for some time. You can have a look at our blog where we have researched viable investment options for your cash.

Bits Max Plans

The following is the investment plan offered by Bits Max:

  • 2.5% -5% daily for Min $10 Max $100,000 Total return $11.25
  • 0.5%-0.7% Hourly for 288 hours Min $30 Max $ 10,000 Total return $43.20
  • 2-4% Hourly for 72 hours Min $300 Max $100,000 Total return $432
  • 6-10% Hourly for 36 hours Min $3000 Max 100,000Total return $6480

Bits Max Conclusion

At the moment we can’t guarantee the legal position of Bits Max. It’s always important for investors to carry out due diligence before investing in a HYIP in order to confirm that daily payments are made.

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