Definitely, you wouldn’t fancy channeling your hard-earned cash in a Ponzi scheme or a project that markets itself as a Pyramid scheme. Therefore, if you are now cashing in on a website that promises free goodies for literally doing nothing, then you have a reason to worry. Today, we’re reviewing, a site with an old domain and a good Alexa ranking.

Real Cryptocurrency Mining With Bits2u?

Owned by a certain Peruvian called Victor Luis Nieto Carrera, Bits2u is a website whose purpose is allow investors to earn bitcoin through cloud mining. A person can make as much as 10,000 satoshis daily without investing anything on it. Basically, Bits2u packages itself as any crypto enthusiast can earn FREE satoshis for doing nothing, withdraw them when they’re a reasonable amount and praise the site!

Unbelievably easy, right?

Such is pretty weird for a fancy looking platform that introduces itself as a PTC + PTP + bitcoin mining site. But it markets itself so, though it promises more significant returns for those who deposit to increase the cadre.

It alleges that you start by earning 30 2uhash from the onset before this amount starts to double after you deposit funds to buy a premium package. You then supplement the earnings when you click on adverts, bet and play games, refer friends, log in every day or earn in other ways. With that, Bits2u sees itself as the most comprehensive, fully-automated website for the lazy and those looking to gain cryptocurrencies passively.

Bits2u Lets You Earn By Playing Games

  • Slot Machine – to win satoshis, you place a bet and hope to win three similar figures to get a reward, ten times what you had invested. You also get five times your stake if the first two figures are identical.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissor – you are rewarded 1.5 times your stake as a reward.
  • Guess The Number – when your chosen number appears, you are rewarded with x2, while an occurrence of +1 or -1 of your number (say you chose 5 and then either 4 or 6 shows up) would mean you are rewarded with x1.2.

Bits2u Lets You Earn Through Paid To Click, Promote, And Voting

By viewing a 30-second PTC ad, you are paid 250 satoshis while PTP can help you rack in a maximum of 1,000 satoshis. But if you vote for Bits2u in Emoneyspace, Top Site list and, rest assured you will have earned 750 satoshis.

A user can also earn commissions through referrals, whereby:

  • 5% profit an ad purchase.
  • 10% gain per referral clicks.
  • 10% profit for every 2uhash purchased.

Withdrawing Your Earnings From Bits2u

After amassing as little as 0.005 BTC, get your wallet ready since all automatic withdrawal limits are reached after hitting this target. Manual withdrawals, however, have no restrictions and you can empty your account whenever you like.

Why Bits2u Could Be A Scam

Judging from the way it looks, Bits4u could be a fraudulent scheme presented as BTC cloud mining website. It seems suspicious each way since most of the positive reviews it has look generic. The hefty returns users are enticed upon depositing also makes it look a lot like a Ponzi scheme. Final words: use your instincts to decide between investing in it or not. Meanwhile, just earn free satoshis!

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