Bitsale BSL ICO Review

What Is Bitsale BSL?

The company is new pre-ICO company designed around eCommerce and uses a lottery drawing blockchain technology. They also have an 8% referral commission in place for anyone who brings in new people. The referral system is tiered as well and unfortunately, this is the sign of a major scam.

How Does Bitsale Work?

They claim to combine the concept of ecommerce with that of a drawing lottery.

Details of the Bitsale BSL ICO

There are different rewards given for the ICO. People can earn bonus cryptocurrency for referring people to the platform when they purchase BITSALE. There is also an instant withdrawal for ICOs and a referral bonus along with it.

You can earn money without investing by referring people to the ICO. And they pay out for different levels of referrals. There are three levels, the first of which is level 1: 5%, the second is Level 2: 2% and the third Level 3: 1%.

Another thing, not all coins that are unused will be destroyed. Some will be returned to the platform. The Bitsale BSL ICO has three separate rounds with the pre-sale acting as one of them.

Apparently, there is also the website This is the drawing lottery aspect of the platform and is included in some way when you sign up with BitSale. Realistically, it all stinks like yesterdays garbage. They use a lot of hype words to build up the system, but this is a sign of hype for a scam.

Who Is Behind Bitsale BSL?

Unfortunately, there is no team behind BitSale, there’s not even really a reason to go into anymore detail about what they claim they can accomplish. It’s pointless since a system without a team shouldn’t be invested into in the first place.

It’s dangerous to send money to a new company that doesn’t say anything about the team or where they’re located. Instead it’s much safer to stay away from them and wait to see if they develop further with more information. There are a lot of ICOs popping up everywhere with the same problem. And a lot of people are being taken advantage of by these companies that are just Ponzi Schemes. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply foolish or trying to rip you off as well.

As a general rule, never send money to an anonymous party online. Especially when it’s in the form of an untraceable Cryptocurrency that is volatile in nature.

Bitsale BSL ICO Conclusion

Basically, they are lottery drawing platform that also works around eCommere. But unfortunately, there is no real information about the system or what it can do. They are pushing the affiliate system more than anything and the lottery.

Also, without information about who is on the team, you should stay away from them entirely because there is no transparency.  Instead, spend your time finding a legit company that actually delivers as promised. There are a lot of other platforms in ICO that deliver as promised, BitSale seems dangerous altogether.

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