In 2016, Bitsane rolled out the most sophisticated platform that the industry has seen to date. Bitsane delivers an online tool (the “Platform”) allowing users to freely trade between many different virtual currencies (“Cryptocurrency”).

Entering the digital currency market, Bitsane has set itself apart from its competitors by challenging industry standards for cryptocurrency exchanges of flat currencies. All cryptocurrencies on the platform can be traded against USD, EUR, and BTC.

Its developers understood the market’s need for innovation and better trade execution, and created an exchange platform which now supports popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum and most recently, Ripple, as well as several niche virtual currencies as Litecoin and DASH.

Bitsane Features

Speed is an essential component in effective trade execution, but there are other key factors as well. As the world’s fastest exchange engine, Bitsane offers some of the most secure, innovative features that have raised the industry standard for cryptocurrency exchanges to a higher level.

Prioritizing the needs of the overall global cryptocurrency community in mind as well as the individual user, Bitsane has developed special features to allow for ease with usage.

Mobile Friendly

Not only does Bitsane provide web-based training and an exchange platform, it also enables access to mobile users. This platform can be accessed from any mobile device, allowing the customer to execute trades from anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection.

In today’s fast-paced society, this feature demonstrates that Bitsane has their finger on the pulse of the customer’s needs.

Open Source

Bitsane allows software developers to have complete API access, empowering them to create strong, effective cryptocurrency applications integrating these available tools and services from Bitsane into their applications.

Investment Platform

Bitsane also provides a strong investment platform, enabling users to participate in margin trading and margin lending, while receiving automated trading assistance. Developers are currently working on enhancing Bitsane’s investment features.

Getting Started With Bitsane

Signing up with Bitsane is a very simple process. First, the customer has to register a personal free account on the website. This step does not require a credit card, and no account information is needed. Then, make a deposit with either traditional money or cryptocurrency.

Bitsane provides flexible deposit options to the customer, such as SWIFT bank wire transfer, SEPA European transfers, OKPAY and AdvCash and more. Once Bitsane has received the deposit (which can take less than one minute), the customer is immediately credited and can begin to buy and sell Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Iconomi.

When trading and withdrawing cryptocurrencies, the customer is permitted instant access to withdrawal funds. DASH and Iconomi can be traded for Dollars and Euro, and the AdvCash e-wallet allows users to make deposits and withdrawals to/from their Bitsane accounts.

Bitsane Customer Convenience

Ensuring that users receive the best customer service experience, Bitsane provides a minimalistic, user-friendly interface along with trained professionals who can easily provide guidance and solutions, if problems arise.

Bitsane’s customer service team is armed with professionals who have expertise in cryptocurrency and the platform’s operations. The Bitsane helpdesk is quick, efficient and resourceful; all questions are welcome. Support is guaranteed.

Bitsane Top-Notch Security

With the hacks and security breaches encountered by many cryptocurrency platforms in recent years, Bitsane takes its platform’s security very seriously. Its developers have created a state-of-the-art security which has network protection, network backup, a strong, modern infrastructure, cold storage and advanced monitoring.

These extra measures of security ensure that the customers’ funds and stored data are protected and secure at all times.

Bitsane Background & Founder

Bitsane, the innovative web-based trading and currency exchange platform, was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2016. Today, the Irish startup’s headquarters are located in Fitzwilliam Street in central Dublin where its founder and CEO, Aidas Rupsys is strategically planning the upcoming launch of full-scale investment platform.

Because of the success of Bitsane in only under one year, Rupsys considers this platform to be the largest and most impactful cryptocurrency trading platform in Ireland to date. Bitsane strives to keep improving its model by listening to user feedback and adjusting its capabilities to the growing needs of the industry and customer.

Bitsane Recent Developments

Bitsane has been working overtime to improve its evolving platform to make trading cryptocurrencies and flat as simple as possible for its users. In recent developments, Bitsane has added XRP (Ripple) to its cryptocurrency-to-fiat spot exchange services.

After their new additions (AdvCash, DASH and Iconomi transactions) which were announced in early 2017, Bitsane stayed tuned into Ripple’s mainstream exposure for the next few months. It wasn’t long before Bitsane understood Ripple’s potential impact and decided to include the cryptocurrency to its expanding platform in June 2017.

In short, Ripple enables safe, instant and “nearly free” global financial transactions of any size with no chargebacks as it is based on a shared, public database which utilizes a consensus process that allows for payments, exchanges, and remittance in a streamlined process.

Bitsane Summary

The company’s current objective is to continue being a fast growing, reliable and user-friendly solution for trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Bitsane aims to add further crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto trading pairs to meet the market’s expectations. As its founder mentioned, Bitsane’s cryptocurrency exchange is already the biggest in Ireland.

If Bitsane continues to observe the current industry trends, listen to user feedback and incorporate innovation in its new developments, it will soon transform into a top leading platform in the world.

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  1. i dont believe that review is truth… till end of 2017… not a single review existed on any site…
    about them.
    And in just one day.. sites pop up advertising that site : bitsane operating since 2016…

    its a just a bunch of people… making fake advertisments and sites to steal money…

  2. How much did they pay you for this PR ?
    SCAM and FRAUD at their best
    Its a PATHETIC exchange, scamming funds and closing tickets then…
    STAY AWAY from them !
    No support , no social networks contacts nothing..
    Do some research about this SCUMBAGS…

    • Hey… Support guys doing a great job! I created 3 tickets and none was closed, all of them was answered in few hours! Not more!!! Maybe, you should get how to trade first, before throwing your words around?

  3. I had the problem with orders in January. Support took some time to respond but the issue with btc trade was successfully solved. They should quicken their support responses and they will be alright.

  4. Deposited a small amount of Ethereum to check how Bitsane works but wasn’t able to see my money. Then I realized that I’ve deposited a less than the minimum amount required. The support team told me that money isn’t lost, it will be summed with my future transactions and, as a consequence, displayed on my balance. And it worked for me. Also, I got a little lesson for myself: carefully read FAQ and other useful information before doing something. Especially, if it’s internet trading platform


  6. people shouting it’s a SCAMSCAM, don’t you think you’re missing something out? i just wanna ask you one simple question: how many times have you hit your head against the wall in childhood? no, seriously, guys))) it’s the easiest trading platform like, uhmmm..let me think.. EVER!

    • Well, maybe not the “easiest one”, it’s UI is not intuitive, but the platform is secure and decent. Bitsane is a fast way to buy popular (and not very popular) coins.

  7. Just came to Bitsane and found it to be useful and easy to use! Was a little bit puzzled while I was trying to exchange ETH to XRP. but my friends told me how to do this and now i’m okay

  8. I am not a old hand at this, but as far as I have used Bitsane for a few weeks already I guess I can add an opinion, too. There are convenient ways of trading BTC I sent to my new wallet from Coinbase and I can always get my funds sent out if I have doubts (I had some at first, more like superstitions, but anyway). I consider this platform respectable – it is is worth a try, perhaps.

  9. They seem to be suspicious, but it is at first sight only. I never got any stuck crypto there, all funds successfully went to my wallet.

  10. a lot of controversy among users here. but wait, more than 90% of people are dumb suckers and this place is no exception. if you have grey matter, just try and see that bitsane is peachy, I like it

  11. i don’t think those people are quite dumb. there are many things that are not obvious and unprepared users can face some difficulties (as I did!). but don’t be afraid to ask their support team for assistance. customer service guided me with clear and short instruction on each operation available. i can recommend this exchange because of their attitude to the customers


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