BitSchool BSCH ICO Review

There are some companies which are using today’s technology to invest in more opportunities for people to learn more using the internet. With the rise of the blockchain technology, this is getting more and more common. Today we will review a new company called BitSchool which uses the idea of using the blockchain technology to create an educational platform.

What is BitSchool BSCH?

BitSchool is a personalized platform which utilizes integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain synergy to create a learning ecosystem that will help in the education of people all around the world. The objective of this platform is to empower teachers and students in a way that can revolutionize the concept of learning.

This company believes that the education currently suffers from some problems and intend to create solutions that will be used to correct this problem and create a better learning environment. The learning process is never tailored to the individual, but to the average student, is it hard to track the student’s progress and quality feedback is generally not provided by the students.

How Does BitSchool Work?

The algorithms of BitSchool are used to track the learning behaviors of all the students that are inscribed on the platform. The algorithms will even pick small things like clicks and mouse movements. After this, the blockchain will help the AI to create solutions and understand better how the students are learning and what could be done to make them learn better and adapt and personalize their studies.

This project tackled the challenges of education by using instant feedback to improve the personalization of the education of each student. It uses AI technology to create a path for every student which selects the most appropriate content (like videos and texts), identifies gaps in knowledge and selects topics that should be studied based on the results.

The company has created an adaptive AI assessment, adaptive lesson plans, adaptive video technology and tracking of the student’s progress by using many tools that help BitSchool to obtain the best possible results.

The idea is to revolutionize learning by enabling the students to focus on the content and the way to study that they want. The company also uses a flexible and dynamic assessment feature to give the teacher control over the work and create on-demand assessment by tutors.

Also, it uses a dynamic marking system which enables the teacher to seamlessly assess the assignments and heavy gamification to use level, points and rewards to boost the motivation of the student.

There is an on-demand tutor service in which anyone will be eligible to help in micro-lessons for topics that the person is an expert on and the person will receive money by the minute worked.

How to Invest in BitSchool BSCH?

If you liked this article and you are now interested in investing in BitSchool, you should know that you can do it by participating in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which the company has planned to release soon. The pre-sale will start on March 19 and it will last until April 16. During this phase, you will have a 35% bonus on the tokens that you buy.

If you decide to only buy your tokens during the main sale of the company, you will have to wait until May 15. The sale will last until June 11 and the bonus will vary from 15% to 0%, decreasing 5% weekly.

The hard cap of the sale is 300,000,000 tokens and you can buy 6,000 tokens with 1 ETH.

The BitSchool BSCH ICO Verdict

Is BitSchool a great investment for you? Yes, it can surely be a great investment because this platform really understands how to educate well and if its AI work really well, this can be a game changing platform that has the potential to change a lot in the education market and to become really profitable. Because of this, it does not matter whether you want to use the platform or not.

Even if you do not want to use BitSchool to learn, the tokens of this company will probably sell well in the market, so it can be a really great idea to invest in this company and you will probably get good results by acquiring the tokens if you buy them for the cheapest available price.

The choice is yours, but we recommend this platform as a very good investment that you can make without having to be afraid that this ICO will fail because it really looks like it can offer excellent returns for you on the long term.

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