Bitshake is a high-yield investment program (HYIP) that promises 10% to 15% daily ROI on deposits. The company also offers a referral program for investors interested in earning commissions for recruiting new investors.

Bitshake claims to be able to provide this massive guaranteed ROI by cryptocurrency mining. However, there's no evidence presented that this is the case.

What Is Bitshake?

There's absolutely zero verifiable information on the Bitshake site that would give any intimations as to who owns or operates the company. The site does display a Companies House registration with a listed address in the UK, but after a visit to the Companies House website we were unable to find a valid record for the company.

The website's registration also offers no clues, as the only information there is the date the site was registered – September of 2017. The actual ownership of the site is concealed by a private domain name registration service.

As always, if a company isn't being forthright and transparent in regards to who owns and operates it, it's almost always a major red flag.

Bitshake Product

Bitshake offers three HYIP products, exclusively in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, to choose from:

  • Starter – 10% daily ROI for 45 days, for deposits between 0.001 BTC and 10 BTC
  • Advance – 12% daily ROI for 45 days, for deposits between 10.1 BTC and 20 BTC
  • Platinum – 15% daily ROI for 45 days, for deposits between 20.1 BTC and 100 BTC

Bitshake Opportunity

Bitshake also provides recruitment-based commission income in addition to its promises of daily ROI. According to the Bitshake FAQ page, the company offers a “multi-referral plan” of 5% commissions on first-level referrals (direct recruits) and 1% on second-level referrals. Additionally, it's not required to purchase an investment package to join the referral program.

Bitshake Conclusion

So let's get this straight – Bitshake provides ridiculously high ROI on deposits. The reason the company can do so, according to Bitshake, is that it mines cryptocurrency, but doesn't present any verifiable proof that this is what's going on.

On top of that, there's zero information as to who's behind Bitshake or where they're actually located. In fact, the information the company does provide is inaccurate or perhaps even falsified, which means that Bitshake is quite possibly concealing this information on purpose.

It seems pretty obvious that there's nothing legitimate about this HYIP. In fact, what's really going on here is most likely that anyone investing into Bitshake is jeopardizing their money.

New investors are likely having their money taken from them and deposited in the accounts of older ones in order to provide that high ROI. In turn, any investors that come in after will end up paying the ROI for these second investors – and so on and so forth until the money coming in isn't enough to meet the money scheduled to go out.

What happens then? Bitshake closes up shop, keeps all the deposits it has, and disappears into the night. You'll never see your deposit again, much less your promised ROI.

Don't get involved in Bitshake. You're not going to see a good result – that's our own guarantee.

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