What Is Bitski?

Bitski is a hosted wallet SDK that is built for apps using the blockchain. Bitski allows users to build user-friendly as well as cross-platform Ethereum applications. Users can build a decentralized application or even a game that is as easy to use, as a standard application.

A developer on the platform can connect to the Ethereum network by using the platform's hosted nodes and request access to the address of the user. Developers can submit transactions for approval in place of a user create and manage a wallet for the user's application as well as to deploy contracts through the user's application wallet.

No Need For Software Installation

The platform user can use the Ethereum applications without having to install any software. They can store their Ethereum assets in the platform's secure wallet and access the wallet from any device. Users also manage the access to any application that they connect and can recover their account at any time.

All private keys on the Bitski platform are stored on enterprise-grade Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), which are tamper-resistant, hardened, and contain many layers of security. This ensures the protection of the wallets against attacks like the stealing of the private keys by hackers.

The platform is built on good security standards. Through building of its authorization stack is on the latest web service best practices using OAuth2 and OpenID Connect, which are the same practices that are used by banks and email providers ensuring maximum security of the operations.

How Bitski Builds Blockchain Applications For DLT Developers

The platform uses OAuth to provide access to the wallet of the user. Through its SDK, the user's application requests to access the Bitski account of the user and once the permission is granted by the server, the developer's application can use the standard apps like that of web3.js in order to interact with the Ethereum network.

The first step is the user ensuring they have a Bitski account, which is both their personal wallet, and developer account. All the apps that use Bitski are then registered in the platform's developer portal to ensure the platform keeps track of permissions that a user grants to the application. Once the application is registered, the user can select their new application from the list available and thereby view their client ID. Once the application has been created, the user configures the OAuth settings for it available on the application details tab and then they can start using the platform's SDK in their specific application.

Bitski Benefits

Cross Platform

The users of the Bitski wallet can easily access the same wallet from any device or browser in their vicinity, thus bringing their digital goods and tokens with them anywhere and at any time, unlike the self-custody wallets.

Fully Recoverable

To prevent the risk of theft and hackers, the crypto assets on Bitski are secured forever by a username and a password that is re-settable at any time by the user.

Secured With Hardware

The platform believes that the keys for transactions belong to the hardware hence all the transactions that are signed by Bitski are completely signed on enterprise-grade HSMs, which ensures the keys do not ever get out of the server.

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