Bitsleo is said to be the lion for your game. They are considered a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that is developed to be a business model that will combine the different protocols used on PoS Masternodes also known as Proof Stake and staking in general to help decide the best options for both. This keeps a fully recorded copy of the different blockchain concepts in real-time and it also increases the privacy and security of any transactions made in real-time along with the effectiveness of the masternode.

How Does Bitsleo Work?

The company is said to be an in-depth and technologically developed platform. A comprehensive platform designed to help you buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency in pairs at the best going rate.

The main goal of the exchange is to provide a fair and orderly possibility for people who want to make money in the industry with investing and staking, buying, selling and trading. The main pairs on the platform are BTC, ETC, USDT, and BTSL.

The platform operates with a masternode and wallet combination and it can be used to manage your own coins due to the fact it works with absolute freedom from banks and financial institutions.

What is the ICO on Bitsleo?

The coin name for the platform is the Bitsleo, with a ticker of BTSL and a PoS or Pure Proof of Stake oriented token. The maximum supply of the token is 30,000,00 and the premium coin is 15,000,000. For every block solved, there is a 20-coin reward and each block have a minimum stake of 24 hours until total coin maturity with 65 blocks available now.

The MN payment for the platform is 5,000 coins and a minimum block time of 90seconds. Each block is only 3 megabytes in size. The company is looking to solve a lot of problems in the cryptocurrency space.

Who is Behind Bitsleo?

There is no information on the team behind the scenes at Bitsleo. They have no info on the founders or co-founders or the rest of the team. And there is also no disclosure where the company headquarters are located. I would be careful investing with this company because of this simple fact. It shows a total lack and transparency when it comes to the company’s integrity.

Bitsleo in Conclusion

The new platform is ready for ICO now, but they don’t divulge anything about the team or where the headquarters are and it’s because of that, I have to recommend on doing more research into the company Bitsleo before you make any major investments with them.

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