Before we start with this review, we should learn about what a hedge fund is, and how it can be used in the domain of cryptocurrencies. In its basic sense, a hedge fund can be thought of as an investment tool that gathers capital from “accredited individuals or institutional investors and invests it into different assets”.

Technically speaking, hedge funds can be diversified into complex portfolios, and hence any monetary risks can be minimized.

About BitSolid

BitSolid has been described as a “multi-asset hedge fund” that is based on specific algorithmic trading structures that allow for higher returns, and low risks. The service has been around for more than three years, and thus can serve as an ideal choice for people looking for a stable investment avenue.

Some of the Key Features of BitSolid Capital

(i) Market Trust:

BitSolid has been trading live for over 3 years now. Over this time period, its market reputation has steadily increased, and today it is considered to be one of the better crypto hedge fund available in the market.

(ii) Asset Security:

In order to protect customer investments, users have an option to enable a “Two-factor authentication”. In addition to this, BitSolid also makes use of advanced encryption technology as well as “cold storage”, to better maintain our funds.

(iii) Decent Returns:

Owing to the use of AI, the system is able to make smart investment choices on our behalf.

(iv) Fast Transactions:

All of the withdrawals, transfers that are made within the platform, occur in a matter of seconds.

(v) Legal Documentation In Place:

This fund is operated through the Cayman Islands, and is thus able to reap the benefits of a tax free structure.

Why Choose BitSolid Capital?

(i) ROI’s:

According to data that has been released by the company, the current rate return is 3.9%. These figures are based on a 90 day fund performance average.

(ii) Risk Management:

BitSolid makes use of “risk management protocols” such as

(iii) Open to Everyone:

When compared to conventional hedge funds (which are only available to a chosen few), this scheme is open for everyone to use. For beginners, an investment of 0.003 BTC is enough to start proceedings.

(iv) Strong Affiliate Program:

Commissions via affiliates are quite high with BitSolid. Even referrals can allow us to earn money, even without having invested any funds of our own.

(v) Future Ready:

This crypto investment scheme has been designed by keeping potential future market fluctuations in mind.

(vi) Quick Transfers:

Whether it's sending or receiving money on our investments, this platform is able to perform trades within a matter of seconds.

How do I Sign Up For Bitsolid?

(i) Create an Account:

To start things of, users need to create a new account. Some id checks are needed, but the entire process should take no more than 5 minutes.

(ii) Transfer Funds:

Once an account has been made, users are needed to transfer some funds so that investments can be made.

(iii) Profit Reaping:

The system makes investments on our behalf, and as and when we receive our returns, it makes them available to us.

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  1. The only problem is when you want to take your money out of their investment hedge fund you will be presented with a wonderful error message called “ERROR”. Do not be fooled I strongly recommend not doing anything with this fund.

  2. ERROR ERROR all day long. everyday. I can’t take my money out. So many people are experiencing the same PROBLEMS. just go to twitter and find out for yourself. I’m sure more and more investors are going to be voicing their concerns.


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