The Buxcoin cryptocurrency has gained a lot of traction ever since it was launched back in 2015. Bitsolives seeks to capitalize on this interest by providing a straightforward platform that will make trading of Buxcoin cryptocurrency as seamless as possible. Whether you want to create automated or high-volume trades, you can depend on this platform to help you get a hassle-free trading experience along with fast transaction times.

About Bitsolives Bux Coin

Buxcoin is the product of a leading German mathematician, Niklas Backer, who has a vision of creating a new cryptography-based currency without any central authority. This cryptocurrency offers nearly instantaneous, verifiable and secure transactions. The benefits of using Buxcoin are numerous and are not limited to improving payment freedom, lower costs, faster transactions, highly stable platform and reduced risks of fraud.

The Link Between Bitsolives And Bux Coin

Bitsolives is listed as the exclusive marketing and trading partner for the Buxcoin cryptocurrency. The in-house expert team at Bitsolives together with Bullinfotech creates high-quality trading systems and also provides expertise related to FX and crypto trading solutions to the global financial market. If you are interested in Buxcoin cryptocurrency, Bitsolives is the best company to consider.

Bitsolives Features

Bitsolives features the most flexible, beneficial and exclusive Buxcoin packages that are designed to be highly competitive and give clients better ROI over time. Here are a few key features of their trading packages:

Reliable Buxcoin Trading Platform

Bitsolives offers access to a customized trading platform, the BUX exchange. On this custom trading platform, clients can trade all the essential FIAT and cryptocurrencies including Buxcoin, USD, Euro, and GBP.

Highly Competitive Investment Benefits

Bitsolives has some of the most competitive and well-performing packages that you could find today for Buxcoin investments. Regardless of your budget or benefits requirements, you should get a suitable investment package. Bitsolives has also made it simpler for its clients to earn various incentives, including gifts and bonuses.

Regular Daily Pay

If you opt to become a Bitsolves affiliate marketer, you can establish a daily stream of income for yourself. The daily payout includes 30% Buxcoin and 70% cash earnings, allowing to build your long-term ROI while still enjoying the cash profits. The benefit of regular payments is that you do not have to deal with the inconvenience of waiting for 30 days to get your earnings.

User-friendly app – For traders who prefer trading on the go, Bitsolves offers an additional mobile app that you can install on your smartphone. Using this app, you can make and accept exchanges between wallets, make trades on the physical exchange and also use the trading platform. Unlike similar apps, Bitsolve provides reliable support throughout the day for any client who is unable to utilize the app effectively.

Bitsolives Trading Packages


  • Price: 200 Euros
  • Trade Frame: 20
  • Trading Bonus: 8%
  • Total Benefits: 320 Euros


  • Price: 1,000 Euros
  • Trade Frame: 20
  • Trading Bonus: 10%
  • Total Benefits: 2,000 Euros


  • Price: 5,000 Euros
  • Trade Frame: 20
  • Trading Bonus: 12%
  • Total Benefits: 12,000 Euros


  • Price: 10,000 Euros
  • Trade Frame: 20
  • Trading Bonus: 15%
  • Total Benefits: 30,000 Euros

Bitsolives Conclusion

A transparent, reliable and high performing Buxcoin trading partner, Bitsolives is indeed worth considering for the ardent investor. Whether it is choosing one of its trading packages or becoming an affiliate, there are plenty of opportunities to improve your bottom line with this company.

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