Not often does a query on a reputable search engine like Google return scanty information. However, in the peculiar case of Bitsource, the results showed insufficient info, if the indexed pages are anything to go by. Not only is the information scarce, but the little that is available also seems to ask one question; is this is enterprise credible or otherwise? Most outlets remain reserved regarding the verdict on this debate, though significant pointers seem to incline towards the negative side, which is common spectacle in the cryptocurrency hashing industry.

What Is Bitsource?

This is a project ran by a team of young and ambitious investors who primarily trade in stocks and digital assets. This group boasts of years of experience in the investments sector. Consequently, they provide their clients with means of earning passive income without having to experience the rigors of the crypto sphere.

A significant number of traders are wary of delving into the crypto world due to the intricacies involved. Bitsource seeks to mitigate these difficulties by providing an environment and investment plans that give the investor peace of mind since they maximize profits while keeping risks at bay. The company employs mechanisms to ensure that the client's money remains immune to the vicissitudes of the market value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The firm has its headquarters in Northern London, United Kingdom.

Bitsource Cryptocurrency Trading Club Features & Investments

Bitsource's investment bouquets are divided into six categories, with each having a specific hourly interest rate. The interest rates range from 39% to 190%. This translates to profits margins of between 156% to 750%. Deposit rates are also dependent on the user's chosen package, with the minimum acceptable amount being $5 while the upper limit is $10,000.

Additionally, members can earn extra money through referring their acquaintances in the affiliate program. Here, affiliates are ranked in tiers, depending on your reputation and other factors. Those on the top receive higher commissions for every successful referral. Also, ‘representative' affiliates get considerably higher stipends in comparison to the standard associates.

Bitsource Final Words

Currently, a significant number of sites express their reservations over the dealings of Bitsource. This is primarily due to the far-fetched and unachievable profit margins. Where in this world can one make 700% profit overnight? This is certainly a method of luring unsuspecting clients into a fraudulent project posing as a get rich quick scheme.

Also, the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates on a regular basis. Thus, anyone who promises continuous profits is certainly lying, as the market value directly impacts on the returns of a particular digital currency. Therefore, until proven otherwise, investors should be wary of Bitsource.

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