Bitsta Crypto Trading Exchange To Launch By Securing Funds In Cold Storage Wallets

The Bitsta Exchange will have revolutionary features that are yet to be implemented by the currently existing cryptocurrency trading platforms. As of now, the project is approaching its completion stages. Once completed, the Bitsta Exchange will provide a rich set of features, including top-notch security and scalability.

Other notable features of the Bitsta trading platform include enhanced proprietary and patent-pending security, live customer support, arbitrage bots, gamification, support for multiple fiat currencies, and many more. Initially, the exchange will have fourteen cryptocurrencies in its portfolio. Later on, the platform will introduce fiat deposits and withdrawals in select locations. New digital assets will be added on a weekly basis.

The preference of multi-signature cold wallets over hot wallets is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Bitsta Exchange. Since it is an industry first, Bitsta has already filed a patent for this feature. Furthermore, Bitsta grants full control over withdrawals to its clients using another unique feature.

The feature, a blockchain-driven security protocol, allows customers to control their withdrawal information off-chain. The Bitsta exchange and the entirety of its services will be accessible through a thoroughly-tested, robust and secure web application which was developed by a team of experienced developers.

Due to its simplicity and impenetrable security features, the Bitsta Exchange will be the preferred choice for first-time cryptocurrency investors. On the other hand, experienced traders will have access to cutting-edge features through which they can easily configure and manage their assets in a secure trading environment.

The standout features of the upcoming Bitsta exchange include:

Proprietary And Patent Pending Fund Security

As mentioned earlier, the Bitsta exchange will exclusively store digital assets off-chain in multi-sig wallets. By leveraging proprietary and patent process, all transactions are conducted using hardware backed private keys.

Proprietary Off-Server Transaction Security

Most of the existing exchanges require software for the validation of transactions. As a result, hackers often hijack the software and manipulate the user into sharing private wallet details. Afterwards, the cybercriminals alter the recipient address to their fake accounts. Unlike its contemporaries, Bitsta will rely on an offline validation mechanism that is entirely controlled by the customer. This reduces the vulnerability to phishing attacks.

Client And Server-Side Security

The security of the platform's infrastructure, as well as its data, is the priority foot the Bitsta trading platform. At launch, the exchange will feature email validation, multi-factor authentication and a password protocol that ensures users have created a password that satisfies a preset security threshold. For an account to be verified, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Email Verification – this allows the account to conduct crypto to crypto transactions.
  • Proof of Residence and Provision of Current Physical Address – the user is permitted to make crypto and fiat currency deposits
  • Verification of Uploaded Documents – full access to all services in the Bitsta Exchange.

Proprietary Matching Engine

The Machine Engine is designed to enable the Bitsta Exchange to complete one million transactions per second. This feature is beneficial to investors who prefer a robust and automated trading partner, especially if used in combination with extensive order types and order time frames.

Extensive Order Type And Order Time Frames

On the Bitsta Exchange, investors have access to an assortment of customizable trading features. For instance, the provided order types give refined and powerful trade control to the customers. Moreover, these order types can be modified, giving a personalized trading experience to each trader.

Modern User Experience (Customizable UI)

Alongside responsiveness, the Bitsta Exchange’s user interface will be richly endowed with features, including the ability to be customized by its users. The Bitsta web app will be available for all digital platforms, including desktop, mobile and tablets. To access the demo version of the trading platform, visit the Bitsta website.

Advanced Referral Engine

The Bitsta platform will integrate an advanced referral engine that generates affiliate links, an array of rewards and numerous client incentives. The objective of this feature is to attract new customers and increase the liquidity of the exchange.

Secure Digital Asset Custodial Services

All users of the Bitsta exchange will have access to a secure crypto asset storage mechanism. This will serve as an alternative to creating digital or hardware wallets. Even better, the Bitsta storage solution is insured.


Besides profitability, the Bitsta Exchange also aims to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. For this reason, the platform will occasionally avail gamification features. Gamification will include incentives such as special offers, discounted prices, promotions, and many more.

Trading Bot And Third-party Bot Support

Beginners and user who have limited time will have access to trading bots that are simple to use. Also, these bots will be fully customizable.

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