If you’re solemnly into cryptocurrencies, one of the things you’ll need to stay away from are fake cryptocurrency investment platforms. Fraudulent exchanges, wallets, and ICOs to risky HYIPs, scam websites are everywhere and somewhat hard to tell. Thankfully, some aspects can easily help us judge and determine the genuineness of a platform.

Bitstant – How Safe is this Cryptocurrency Mining Website?

BitStant is probably one of the mega cryptocurrency scam projects in the offing. Introducing itself as an “innovative investment platform” that guarantee lightning-fast mining of digital currencies in the cloud, BitStant proposes to help many earn cryptocurrencies as miners. It further brags of having top-tier technological solutions that help its users rack up massive amounts of cryptocurrencies quickly.

Away from the boasts, this platform alleges to bills money directly into the account of the crypto miner in milliseconds. At the platform, losing funds due to the cryptocurrency volatilities are unheard of. Also, this automated platform is designed to allow a user to monitor their earnings in real-time as they mine and request payouts anywhere at any time.


  • Profitable programs
  • Guaranteed 3% profits and a further 0.1% extra returns for every investment every day.
  • 15% bonus for every successful referral.
  • Instant accruals.
  • Super-fast withdrawals.

Sounds juicy, right?

But that’s not all.

It might sound bizarre, but way too funny that everything about this is either “best” or “high-performance.” At their “About Us” page, there’s nothing about who is credited with this “revolutionary” idea. Instead, brags and bravado continue with “the best digging technologies” that is enhanced on a daily basis to increase efficiency and performance.

Does the Company Sound Fishy to you?

Sure, it does as it barely has any information worth writing about. It also has no data about its founders, their qualifications and maybe where they are based. You will even guess how the alleged super-performing system works and where the miraculous returns are obtained from.

Who Own

In a somewhat absurd way, the company decides to cut short the “fantastic technologies” and “high-efficiency systems” it has to say a word about who they are. BitStant Limited is allegedly registered in Great Britain and was established in 2017. It claims to have the best brains in its staff and uses technologies never seen before.

As if that isn’t convincing enough, this scheming project uploads a miniature certificate supposedly from Great Britain. Of course, it is weird why anyone would upload an almost invisible certificate if indeed it wanted to upload it.

IMPORTANT: isn’t based in Great Britain – it is from Belize as shown here:

Do They Pay?

Despite saying you can track your earnings in real-time and click the automatic payout; nobody has since earned a dime. So, nobody knows because no one has appeared boldly to say yes – I’ve withdrawn my earnings.

So, How Risky Is Bitstant?

No HYIP is ever safe to invest in because any day can be the perfect day for a wrap. So, even when it turns out that pays, it won’t be an excellent platform to invest in.

Parting Shot For Bitstant

The ball is on your court – invest in it on your own peril. We can’t vouch for even when it appears legitimate because it first has to prove that it is legit. Unfortunately, it can’t because it has no social media handles and its owners are mostly unknown.

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