Got some cryptocurrencies to spend? The good news is that more sites have now started to integrate crypto payment options. One such solution is the BitStash marketplace, which offers a secure escrow service to guarantee the payment and delivery of goods and services. Here’s how BitStash plans to become the Amazon equivalent for people who only want to shop with cryptocurrencies.

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What Is BitStash?

BitStash is a cryptocurrency marketplace that aims to offer the complete solution for people looking to buy products or services using cryptocurrency. This peer to peer commerce marketplace will allow users to both list and buy their favorite products in a highly secure ecosystem.

The increased security in this particular crypto marketplace comes from the fact that all vendors are verified, an inbuilt escrow system and also because only new or refurbished products will be sold.

BitStash Marketplace Features

Here are some of the main features to expect from using the BitStash marketplace:

Intuitive Search Engine –

Search for what your need by multiple search options including brand, size and color among many other criteria.

Secure Escrow System –

Each transaction is stored in the secure BitStash escrow system and is held until it is fulfilled, thus providing protection from fraud and minimizing risks for both vendors and buyers.

Inventory, Order And Shipping Management –

For vendors, BitStash offers a comprehensive package that will allow them to list their products efficiently, keep track of inventory and orders as well as multiple shipping options.

Which Cryptocurrencies Does BitStash Marketplace Support?

Buying with digital currencies should not be restricted or limited to only a few online stores. It should really be a smooth experience, just like when you use your regular credit card. That is why BitStash has decided to offer support to multiple cryptocurrencies in its marketplace to ensure that no buyer or vendor gets left out. Here are some of the cryptocurrencies currently being supported in this crypto marketplace:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Stash
  • Monero

BitStash Marketplace Buy & Sell Products With Crypto

BitStash is just like your regular online marketplace, featuring the goods that you can find in most stores ranging from electronics and automotive productions to clothing and accessories among others. Even though it only accepts cryptocurrencies as the main means of payment, BitStash is still a fully legal marketplace that will only list lawful products. Thus, clients can expect utmost safety when selling or buying on BitStash.

BitStash Marketplace Benefits

Crypto Is Popular –

The cryptocurrencies are steadily growing as more people consider accepting digital currencies as legitimate investments. With more people integrating crypto into their lives, BitStash will benefit from increased usage and the value of its Stash token will also increase.

Potential For Fraud Protection –

The increase of identity theft and other credit card related issues has pushed many buyers back to brick and mortar stores. However, with BitStash’s crypto only eCommerce marketplace complete with a secure escrow, more buyers interested in security could likely make the move to this marketplace.

Fraud Reduction –

Most peer to peer eCommerce sites suffer from fraud issues, especially where you buy a product and get a completely different item once delivered. To avoid such problems, BitStash will not only verify all its vendors to authenticate their products, but also ensure that only genuine or refurbished items are listed for sale.

BitStash Marketplace STASH ICO Details

  • Name: BitStash Token
  • Price: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH
  • Sponsor sale, Pre-ICO and Crowd sale to be done in May, June and July 2018 respectively

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $95.68B $5,416.6919 -3.49% $6.21B
ETH $17.25B $163.0500 -3.98% $3.02B
XRP $12.53B $0.2982 -6.56% $599.72M
BCH $4.93B $277.5828 -2.86% $353.49M
LTC $4.47B $72.6742 -1.52% $1.2B
EOS $4.45B $4.7183 -7.97% $1.3B
BNB $3.25B $23.0066 2.23% $170.24M
USDT $2.84B $1.0053 -0.34% $6.09B
XLM $1.99B $0.1027 -4.07% $55.29M
ADA $1.87B $0.0721 -3.50% $75.55M


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