What Is BitStation?

This is a new platform that is said to be the future of trading. And the pre-sale has ended. This is a new development team contract that is used by BitStation development Team Contracts. This is an intelligent market analysis, that can be used for market analysis and trading systems on the digital age.

It’s the most powerful and trading and analysis system that is being used on the current virtual currency environment. And it comes with a web-based and desktop application for virtual money analytics. It’s complete with charts and scripts that can be used to determine the best route to take when trading.

It’s the beta version that will be released in the month of May in 2018. The APIs used on the inter-exchange setup, users can easily BitStation for analytics and trading strategies that execute automated orders for trading. This also includes smart contracts that are used to order exchanges on the major website. Users can use the system to track records or show them off if need be. And it they share their personal tactics used for trading, then the platform community will be used to receive contribution on the BTSN rewards.

How Does BitStation Smart Cryptocurrency Trading System Work?

This is said to be the most powerful, fully functional trading platform that is used in the virtual currency market. There is a professional quantitative analytics platform for trading currency. It’s a powerful trading system for research and development. There are trading strategies for proven market trading strategies.

There are 16yrs of proven track records and the it’s the 1st released commercial and natural-language used through an auto-program trade system that is used for the financial industry. It’s the no 1 developed program that is an automated program for trading in the financial industry.

BitStation BSTN ICO Details

There is not a lot of information on the ICO for the platform. They did mention that tokens would be given at a discount for new investors. And they have a roadmap that is said to be the perfect route for how they will unveil the system and take the next steps on the ICO.

Unfortunately, even the road map doesn’t make a lot of sense. The entire platform in general is ambiguous in nature when looking at the website. Whether they will deliver or not on what is promised with the analytical program.

They plan on the platform being ready for the exchanges by the end of April of 2018. The roadmap after that is said to work towards different module releases throughout the rest of the year and the following year of 2019.

BitStation Conclusion

They claim the beta app has been running for as many as 16 years, something you can do more research into. As for the team, there are several people operating on it – the only problem is that none of them seem to have any connections to LinkedIn profiles. That means it’s very difficult to verify who they are. Before investing with BitStation, I would do more research into who they are because as of now, it’s still somewhat up in the air.

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