Bitt X Coin

In the current economic climate that we are living in, cryptocurrencies have become major powerhouses that have the potential to redefine the way payments are sent and received all across the globe. BittX Coin is one such currency that is designed to make use of the blockchain, so as to enable fast transactions in a completely transparent and decentralized manner.

More About Bitt X Coin

As mentioned earlier, Bitt X is a crypto platform that has been designed to help people with a wide variety of monetary issues. Some of the key aspects of this service include:

(i) Quick Withdrawls:

Owing to the fact that this platform is decentralized, it is able to help in fast withdrawal of money in a completely safe and secure manner. In addition to this, no client related data is stored within company servers, thereby allowing for enhanced security.

(ii) Automated Payments:

Another feature that stands out with BittX is its use of an “automatic payout system”. This allows for profits to be seamlessly transferred to our wallets on a daily basis so that none of our money remains with the company.

(iii) Fraud Protection:

All of the transactions that are executed via the system cannot be reversed once they have been approved. This ensures that the money cannot be tampered with once it has changed hands.

Some Aspects That Need to Be Looked Into

(i) Suspicious Team Details:

While there is a full list of company personnel outlined on the website. When we did a quick search of the names, we could not find any professional links to any of these people. For example, David M Parker is listed as the company’s CEO, but there is no person with such a name, associated with this project to be found on the internet.

(ii) Non Inflationary Design:

According to the official company website, the distribution of BittX tokens will be handled in a manner that prevents its value from spiraling incessantly (thereby provide stability on all investments). However, there is no plan of action provided as to how this goal will be achieved.

(iii) Dead Links:

There are several dead links throughout the website. For example, when we clicked on the “downloads” button, we were simply redirected to the homescreen. Not only that, there are quite a few grammatical errors that can be found all across the website.

(v) Design:

The company pretty much uses a logo that is similar to Bitcoin. In addition to this, even the out lay of the website is quite similar to other crypto projects that can be found online.

(vi) False information:

According to the official company website, BittX can be used for payments for services from companies like Domino’s, Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, Adidas, Alibaba, but upon further investigation, we found that this is not true.

Bitt X Coin Conclusion

While the Bitt X Coin project might not be a scam, we are still not entirely sure about it. The company has its legal documents in place, which can be viewed by customers by simply clicking on the “legal” tab on the top left of the website. However, for people willing to invest in this coin, we would suggest to start by putting in small amounts of money.

To register, all one has to do is go to the company website, and click on the ‘sign up’ button. Additionally, if there are any doubts, there is a live chat function that potential investors can utilize to get in touch with company representatives. Alternatively, an email can be sent to the following address: [email protected]

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  1. If you do a reverse search of the companies profile pictures, they are all stock images. I am a member and have received some responses from the DEV team when I have had questions, however, the responses were confusing and very rarely answered my question. I even sent an email asking how you make money because the site is confusing. It is hard to get your money out or even make money for that matter as an investor. You are only allowed to WD funds on Mondays, however, USD funds are only made from referral bonuses. So unless your a big promoter, that will not be the case with most investors. They have released my coins every month as stated and created an exchange but the value of the coin has dropped so much that it is not really profitable. Lastly, although this company has a FB page, they do little advertising or promoting of the website or coin itself. Is it a scam? The more time I interact with this company, I am leaning more towards a scam. As an investor, you want to make money, however, BittX coin DEV seem to be just focused on people buying more contracts. For the person considering an investment: I would highly recommend not doing so until this company shows more transparency and spends more money advertising. I hope this helps.


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