What Is BitTab?

BitTab is a cryptocurrency (coin) ticker widget available for windows. It is very simple and intuitive for users. BitTab displays the values and prices of a variety of cryptocurrencies that are available on various exchanges worldwide. The BitTab application is available for every user on his or her desktop and if the user wants to know the crypto prices, he or she can easily find that on the application.

Features of the platform include more than forty exchanges that included Binance, Huobi, and Upbit on which users can select from. It also contains more than four thousand tokens and coins from all over the world hence users have a variety of options for investment.

How BitTab Windows Desktop Crypto Ticker Price Widget App Works

The BitTab widget contains a condition alarm that alerts its subscribed users when their selected coins meet their requirements so that they never miss an opportunity for investment when it presents itself. Users simply search the coin they want, and then add the coin to their wallets or wish list and all the information about the cryptocurrency is displayed for them to see and validate. Information is presented in a decent way since users of the platform can easily keep an eye of the changing prices of the coins they are holding.

Open For Customization

The BitTab widget is not fixed and users can simply customize it to their specifications in terms of color and appearance in general. They can select their favorite template from the ones available on the platform or they can make their own with little knowledge about CSS and HTML and use it or distribute it on the platform. This makes it very user involving. Users do not need to open many tabs on their browser since all the information is available in one platform.

The BitTab application also contains the sticky note style in that users can pin their selection of coins in the widget for easy viewing. The sticky note style is a micro-style that is semitransparent, and users can pin as many sticky notes as they want and they can come back to them without having to conduct a new search for the coins.

The BitTab platform also has a ticker on bottom-edged or top-edged. The alarm functions includes the below, above, and equal specifications that users can select. The management of the portfolio list is also possible on the platform.

BitTab Benefits


The platform can be changed to the specification of the user in terms of selecting among the available templates, the one that is their favorite or users can also make their specific ones.

Easy And Intuitive

The platform is very simple to use in that users can search the coin they want, add the coin to their list, and then be able to view all the information about the coin all in one platform.

Numerous Coins

There is availability of over forty exchanges on the platform and more than four thousand coins that users can select from. Hence, users have a variety of choices on the coin to be involved with.

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ETH $26.28B $247.3579 -3.83% $1.83B
XRP $15.92B $0.3779 -3.62% $358.01M
BCH $7.01B $393.8635 -4.14% $222.3M
LTC $6.21B $100.1798 -3.78% $774.58M
EOS $5.71B $6.2521 -3.77% $498.84M
BNB $4.65B $32.9365 -6.66% $328.35M
USDT $3.07B $1.0040 -0.16% $3.95B
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