Bitto Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitto is a company that is working to create a hybrid exchange platform that provides multiple revenue streams to users. The goal is to increase awareness of the benefits of using crypto coins. They plan to expand to reach the world by creating opportunities for merchants globally. To do this, they need to make the community part of the development.

What Is BiTTo?

Bitcoin has generally continued to rise in price since 2009. In just the last three months, the price has risen by over 450%. This has made the net value of Bitcoin more than most of the economies in the world. If Bitcoin was a country, they would be one of richest countries in the world. Despite this, exchanges, where you can buy and sell Bitcoin, are not easy to access. Most exchanges only focus on charging users while having slow response rates to customer issues. Besides that, you can only exchange crypto coins at most exchanges, and there is no support for anything else such as an integrated network with real-world applications.

Bitto developers, having seen this problem, decided to act. Their platform will not only have great support and security, but it will also reward those who use their services. They ensure that support response time is reasonable and that trade occurs seamlessly. Besides that, they have six core services built into the exchange. Thus, users can have a central point where everything happens.

There will only be 30 million Bitto coins created. 3 million will be used as proof of stake rewards while there will be a circulation supply of less than 24 million. Any token that goes unsold will be burned to ensure that the supply volume is maintained at a constant level.

The BiTTo Coin

Bitto is a proof of stake coin that is based on the Ethereum token ERC20. It is also backed by the Ethereum blockchain, which is quite secure. The main benefit is that transaction costs are quite low. Besides that, you will benefit from a price rise in both BTC and ETH. Bitto is going to be used as an environmentally friendly Proof of stake coin and a digital asset for purposes of collateral lending.

Proof of stake coins are currencies that are usually several thousands of time more effective than proof of work coins. The proof of work relies on energy usage, despite the fact that there is a limited supply of energy in the world today. Holders will ensure a strong foundation for the coin by reducing coin supply in the market. The shortage in supply will ensure that the price of Bitto continues to rise.

BiTTo Cryptocurrency Lending, Trading & Exchange Cares About You

This platform is eco-friendly and comes with a dedicated support team. To show how much they appreciate investors, the give back 30% of coin supply to future users of the platform.


The ICO will begin in less than 3 days from today on 16 January 2018. It has a hard cap of 60,000 ETH and a soft cap of 1000 ETH.

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