Naga Coin (NGC) Listed on Bittrex

With so many coins out there, but that does not mean that all of them are necessarily successful or that they’re fortunate cannot change if they aren’t. One such coin whose value has started to improve after months of stagnation is the Naga Coin (NGC). Of course, one must ask themselves the reasoning behind the increase in value. Here, it is the coin’s listing on the Bittrex Exchange.

Since being listed on Bittrex, the coin appreciated by more than 8 percent and spiked in trading to $0.63. Unfortunately, while this spike may indicate an improvement in the coin’s value, it is still quite low compared to the coin’s peak value, which was $4. The price of the coin has been drifting in the under $1.00 range for months and despite the gain, it still hasn’t fully recovered.

Like the questions associated with its listing on the exchange, it is also pertinent to wonder why the coin hasn’t been successful in general. Many speculate that it could have to do with the accusation that the coin is a “scam.” Hopefully though, the coin will be able to recover, especially with the new speculation surrounding the coin’s plans to launch a spending card, the Naga Wallet. Those who are interested in following the coin’s development may want to do so through its Twitter account or other social media platforms that it is a part of. The coin regularly posts about its developments, making it easier for its fans to know about any recent progress.

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