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BitTube First Licensed TV Channel

BitTube, is a new project platform that those who keep up with blockchains may be a aware of. The project is a platform that is designed to offer users the opportunity to access decentralized video services that are completely free from advertisements. Those who are tired of the advertisements that plague current video-streaming platforms will find this new platform to be a welcome solution.

The trouble is, at least for BitTube is amassing a user base. The platform will need to amplify its appeal and with so many well-known and highly-used competitors in the market, this may be very difficult. For example, YouTube is already at the forefront of video streaming and truth be told, it is very easy to use and most content is accessible and can be uploaded in a matter of moments.

Although BitTube does face some serious challenges along the way, that is not to say that it will be unable to make a mark on the video industry and even become a popular source of video content and use. The fully-licensed platform will take some time to gain in popular and use though. As the platform adds channels, it may start making headway.

BitTube is also adding a new channel, called Gala TV. This channel is owned by Pixer and it is broadcast throughout Europe and the Middle East. The good news is that Pixer is a well-known network and by being adopted into the BitTube family, it may be able to propel the platform into a great level of popularity and use.

The final question left is whether BitTube will be able to create a fully decentralized system. The platform is still in its early stages of development, so those who are following will not really know the answer until the platform goes beyond the simple developmental stages.

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