Bitty Cash

Bitty Cash promises to teach you how to earn bitcoins and cash by referring members to their investment scheme. Find out if it’s a scam or a legitimate opportunity today in our review.

What is Bitty Cash?

Bitty Cash, found online at, is an online webinar that promises to teach you how to make $15,000 or more per month.

The webinar doesn’t have some secret money-making strategy: basically, the webinar just teaches you about multilevel marketing companies and pyramid schemes in the world of bitcoin.

Bitty Cash has its own multilevel marketing plan in place. they describe that plan as “simple, sexy, super lucrative.” It’s a 5 level uni-level plan. You pay a fee to join (although they claim it’s free to join). Then, you make money by convincing other people to pay that fee through your affiliate link.

The Bitty Cash system hasn’t officially launched yet. The scheme is currently in the pre-launch phase.

What will You Learn in the Bitty Cash Webinar?

Bitty Cash introduces itself through a 40 minute webinar you can watch on YouTube here. That webinar explains how bitcoin-based pyramid schemes work, and how you can specifically make money through the Bitty Cash “investment opportunity”.

Basically, the webinar is just a 40 minute commercial for Bitty Cash’s multilevel marketing scheme. Here’s what you’ll learn during the webinar:

  • How to earn bitcoins and cash by convincing other people to sign up for the multilevel marketing scheme
  • How to earn $15,000 or more per month through a pyramid scheme
  • How to get paid to generate leads
  • How to get paid when you convince people to buy products through Bitty Cash
  • How to take advantage of other people “to earn even more daily & passive bitcoin and cash” using a “revolutionary, simple, yet highly profitable compensation plan”

Again, this is not an informational webinar of any type: it’s just an advertisement for Bitty Cash’s multilevel marketing company.

How Does Bitty Cash Work?

Bitty Cash seems to work like every other bitcoin-based pyramid scheme we’ve seen on the internet in recent weeks. You sign up for free. However, to access any account features, you’ll need to pay a fee. Once you’ve paid that fee, the only way to make a positive ROI is to convince other people to join and pay that fee.

You get paid on referrals five levels deep. When people you refer pay fees or buy products through the Bitty Cash system, you get a small cut. The remaining cut gets funneled to the top of the pyramid scheme.

Bitty Cash advertises itself as a powerful investment opportunity, an easy business, and a way for anyone to get rich quick. However, we can find no evidence that it’s any different from other cryptocurrency-based pyramid schemes we’ve seen online in recent months.

In any case, there are few public details available on the official website.

Who’s Behind Bitty Cash?

Bitty Cash, like most pyramid schemes, reveals nothing about its management team, its executives, its history, or its location. For all we know, the website was created by a single scam artist.

When someone asks you to send them money online without divulging information about themselves, it’s a red flag that you’re about to be scammed. Companies like Bitty Cash tend to appear online, market themselves for a few weeks, then disappear offline a few weeks later. Based on everything we see online, Bitty Cash is a similar scam.

The domain was registered on September 21, 2017 to an anonymous registrar.

Bitty Cash Conclusion

Bitty Cash appears to be yet another bitcoin-based multilevel marketing scam or pyramid scheme. The company is currently in the pre-launch phase. When you visit, you’re greeted with a 40 minute webinar that promises you easy money if you follow their “proven” system. In fact, they claim anyone can make $15,000 per month or more with their system.

Ultimately, when someone tells you that you can make enormous amounts of money with no work, skill, or risk required, then you’re probably being scammed. And, when someone asks you to send them money over the internet while refusing to give out any personal information, that’s another sign you’re being scammed. Bitty Cash gives us both of those red flags – which means it’s almost certain that we’re dealing with a scam.


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