Bitty Rain

Bitty Rain is a bitcoin investment scheme that promises to help you get rich quick through the power of a pyramid scheme. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Bitty Rain?

Bitty Rain, found online at, is a bitcoin scam that promises to pay you easy money in exchange for referrals. The website looks like it was created by a child: it features comic sans-style font, atrocious design, and a bizarre color scheme. Within seconds of visiting the website, it’s obvious you’re dealing with a scam.

Bitty Rain claims you can make 1 BTC ($5,800) in exchange for an investment of 0.003 BTC ($17 USD). Best of all, the system is entirely automated – so you don’t need to do any work to get rich quick.

Despite the fact that Bitty Rain is a blatant investment scam, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Bitty Rain Work?

Bitty Rain promises to help you “start making more money than you ever thought possible”. All you need to do is pay the company a membership fee. Then, you convince other people to also pay that membership fee in your downline. Your referrals are funneled into a 2×4 matrix “business plan”. You pay to add new slots in that matrix. Eventually, if you convince enough people to sign up for the scam, then you might make a positive profit.

There’s no evidence that anyone has ever earned money from Bitty Rain. You send money to an anonymous bitcoin wallet. With most bitcoin scams, you’re never able to withdraw this money. Since the wallet is anonymous, you have no recourse when the scam eventually collapses.

With other bitcoin scams, we’ve seen the creators pack up and disappear after collecting a certain amount of membership fees. These scam artists shut down the website, start a new one under a different name, and repeat the process to continue earning money.

In any case, Bitty Rain has a monthly membership fee of 0.003 BTC, or about $17 USD. Once you’re an active member, you can start “pocketing profits month after month”. You start by convincing two people to sign up for the scam and pay the membership fee. Then, you repeat that process, doubling your money each time.

Ultimately, Bitty Rain has no products or services. It’s just a membership-based pyramid scheme.

The company tries to make it seem more legitimate by telling users that they’re buying “advertisements” when they pay their membership fee. In reality, those “advertisements” are just blank text spots at the top of the website. Your referral ID can be posted there. There are no other websites in the Bitty Rain ad network.

It’s also unclear if the 0.003 BTC is a one-time fee or a monthly fee. However, you’ll need to continue paying the company money if you want to earn more money – the matrix slots aren’t free.

Who’s Behind Bitty Rain?

Bitty Rain, like most online scams, doesn’t post any identifying information about itself online. We don’t know where the company is located. We have no information about the management team. There’s no listed email address or phone number.

Typically, scams like this are launched by a single scam artist or a small group. These scam artists promote these “opportunities” across Facebook and other social media outlets where they can find gullible investors.

The Bitty Rain Facebook group has three listed admins, including Prasanta Kumar, Helina Kebede, and “Jane Smith”. All three have been heavily promoting Bitty Rain and other scams across their Facebook feeds in recent weeks – so we’re led to assume that they’re involved with the high levels of this scam in some way or another.

The domain was created on October 19, 2017. Despite what the creators of the scam want you to think, Bitty Rain is not a well-established business with a proven track record.

Bitty Rain Conclusion

Bitty Rain is an obvious bitcoin investment scheme promoted by known scam artists. The investment scheme promises to pay you 1 Bitcoin ($5,800 USD) in exchange for a 0.003 BTC initial investment. There are no products or services offered by the company: it’s just a basic, membership-based pyramid scheme revolving around a 4×2 matrix. You make money by convincing other people to join the scam.

Bitty Rain launches on October 29.

Unless you feel like donating your money to a scam artist, you should absolutely avoid Bitty Rain.

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