Bitugene is a decentralized block chain project designed with scalability, flexibility, and functionality. It serves to create a platform where petroleum products can be traded securely. It provides a diversified room for all potential merchants and customers to check petroleum arbitrary prices. It is abbreviated as TBP.

Bitugene Road Map

In 2016, feasibility studies were done assessing the possibility of developing a decentralized petroleum project. In the same year, consultations with various industry experts were done concluding that it was possible and profitable to form a petroleum block chain.

In 2017, project developers and consultant were recruited and started forming meetings. In the same year, Bitugene project was created and advertised to potential investors and clients who released pre-ICO and ICOs.

In 2018, Bitugene will be developed, tested, and released. Internal exchange will also be developed in 2018, and Bitugene debit card will be released to eligible investors. In 2019, there will be an iterative development of Bitugene block chain whereby it will be tested and launched. Finally in 2020, there will be an integration of over 100 companies and development of Bitugene KYC and security audit.

Bitugene Pre-ICO and ICO

Bitugene pre-ICO starts on 8th December 2017 ,and stop on 22nd December 2018. One Bitugene token will be going for 0.0008 ETH OR $0.35. There will be a release of 2 million coins with the following bonuses:

  • 1 – 10 ETH (+5%)
  • 11 – 20 ETH (+10%)
  • 21 – 30 ETH (+15%)

Bitugene ICO will start on 27th December 2017 and stop on 27th January 2018. They will go at a price of 0.0014 ETH OR $ 0.16 per a Bitugene token. This price will appreciate with $0.1 weekly. There will be 7.3 million released coins with a minimum donation of 0.0013. The ICOs bonus will be similar to those of the pre-ICO.

Bitugene Tokens Distribution

TBP tokens will be distributed as follows

During the main sale and pre sale equivalent amount of Bitugene tokens will be sent Ethereum senders address immediately.

Bitugene uses its funds to do the following:

  • Administrative and general business.
  • Marketing and advertising.
  • Operational cost.
  • Legal and advisory.
  • Maintenance
  • Application development.
  • Incentives on the network.
  • Financial analytic
  • Reserve

Bitugene Shares Allocation

Bitugene will be distributed to various continents in the world on varying percentage.24% it will be distributed among Asia countries, 20% to North America. 19% to African countries, 15% will be allocated to South America, 14% to Europe and the rest 9% to other countries.

Bitugene Advantages

Bitugene is a unique platform that implements trading and tokenization of petroleum asset in a decentralized network. Moreover, Bitugene will come up with a crypto card that can be used anywhere in the globe for trading and funding purposes.

Also Bitugene is a secure platform free from fraud that ensures arbitrary petroleum prices are visible to all. Above all, Bitugene is a scalable and defined platform that one can invest and gain profit.

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