BitUN Finally Releases Its Financial Products that Support BTC and ETH

On May 15th, 2018, BitUN released its updated version of its App, which claims to support a new function for cryptocurrency financing. It comes of no surprise, given the fact that BitUN provides a blockchain-based platform that aims to provide users with traditional banking services.

BitUN’s newly-released products include the Cupid II and the Cupid III, which support Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) respectively. The set raising goal is approximately 50 BTC and 300 ETH, which will run from May 16th up until May 19th. In addition, the locking duration is exactly 30 days. What’s commendable about these releases is the fact that they can result in a high-return of 12% annual profit.

BitUN supposedly has more in store for the future, as plans to promote more valued products are said to be in place. More specifically, their products will act like profit-increasing coupons, which will enhance the income of the financial products, while providing more finance objects to grow the user-base.

One might wonder what approaches the BitUN takes on solving the issues it aims at addressing. Apparently, the BitUN Finance is a space under Higgs Quant team that quantifies hedging strategies through three different mediums including cross-market arbitrage, single-market making and intermarket making. In addition, it works towards achieving stable-value increases at a much lower risk rate.

Higgs Quant is well-known on its own as well, as it is a cryptocurrency assets management company that has been co-founded by a number of senior crypto investors. The team is strong given that they are currently managing more than 10,000 BTC or proprietary funds.

Visit BitUN, For more information.


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