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As the days go by, the vision of a global economy powered by blockchain nears realization. It may still be early, but there is no denying the distributed ledger technology revolution will soon become an unstoppable force – an inevitability. The latest entrant to this journey is Bitvo, a Canadian financial services company that is ran by vastly experienced individuals. According to the company’s website, the firm will launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform in spring 2018.

The new digital currency trading platform aims to streamline the process of acquiring and selling crypto assets, making it safer, easier and secure. By doing this, Bitvo intends to become the best virtual currency exchange in Canada. Notably, access to this platform is not limited to individual investors, as corporate institutions will also be eligible to trade over this service.

In line with its objective, which is to take over the Canadian cryptocurrency trading sphere, the Bitvo platform will come with a host of exceptional features during its inauguration. Beside the first-rate website, there will be a complementary mobile application, both of which will feature a rich, usable and interactive user interface.

Additionally, the platform will have an automated user registration and identification systems, with free funding options. Transactions on this exchange will be processed instantly, meaning that users will have access to their funds throughout. In this regard, Bitvo will avail an option to link a user’s account with the Bitvo cash card, a feature through which members can withdraw funds in virtually any ATM across the world. Also, customers will receive support whenever they need it.

Pamela Draper, the CEO of the Bitvo Group, said that the virtual currency exchange project was necessitated by the lack of competent platforms in the Canadian market. She stated that Bitvo want to improve the standards of customer service, automate payments and the onboarding process within Canada’s crypto sphere. Pamela concluded by expressing her hopes that the Bitvo exchange will revolutionize the Canadian cryptocurrency trading sector.

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Appointment Of CEO And Head Of The Cryptocurrency Trading Department

In preparation for its impending virtual currency exchange platform launch, the Bitvo Company recently appointed two individuals to its executive leadership team. Particularly, these two persons re set to occupy the positions of the CEO and head of cryptocurrency trading. Pamela Draper was appointed to assume the role of President and CEO. Before her current job, Pamela works for over a decade with prominent Canadian banking institutions, including a stint as the director of the Equity Capital Markets. Draper is an alumnus of the University of Western Ontario, specifically the Richard Ivey School of Business.

The post of Head of Cryptocurrency Trading was taken by Shane Thomson, an equally experienced individual. Shane has been in the banking and finance sector for close to 12 years, with the most notable achievements being working as an equity researcher at a top Canadian bank. On top of this, Thomson also possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Calgary, as well as being a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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  1. I only had a very bad experience with Bitvo from the registration process and forward. They do not have a verifiable Canadian address and their KYC process takes for ever. Sent them an email transfer and still at the end of day still could not proceed to buy Bitcoins on their platform. I made numerous calls and all I was told was that my issues would be forwarded to another department. I then requested to get my account closed and get a full immediate refund and was told the same thing that my request would be sent to some department. What department I’m thinking ? This so called Bitvo seems to be run by one dude in his basement and I strongly believe they are not to be trusted. Dont recommend it to anyone.


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