What Is bitXbit?

BitXbit describes itself as the gateway to the embracement of change. It seeks to assist in creating awareness, accessibility, and in the adoption of crypto. Since cryptocurrency was introduced, the negative connotations that are associated with its use have become quite apparent.

As a result, the mainstream use of blockchain technology has continued to be passive. BitXbits vision is to aid in normalizing cryptocurrency use in the traditional markets. It aims to foster its increased use by penetrating the already established industries, e.g., charity, gaming, and retail.

How bitXbit Green Mining, ABITback & HarperMILLS Projects Work

To guarantee its volume and liquidity of its token, all the payments, rewards, and revenue are going to be processed in the form of BXB. Unlike the case with most ICOs, BitXbit developers have denounced the use of pre-sale or a whitelist to make sure that all people have an equal opportunity. Additionally, a varying reward mechanism will be put into use, as opposed to the use of a common bonus structure.

The people behind its development hold their community in high regard, which is the reason why all the token holders are going to be incentivized for them to take part in all its roadmap stages.

bitXbit BXB Token ICO Details

The crowd sale is currently expected to close in about fourteen days or when twenty-five thousand ETH gets raised.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Symbol—BXB
  • Total supply—25,000,000
  • Initial price offering—1 ETH=1,000 BXB tokens
  • ITO duration— 14 days
  • Hard cap—25,000,000
  • Accepted currency—ETH
  • ITO will be live as from 25th July 2018

The distribution will be done as follows:

  • ITO participants—87% or 21,500,000 tokens
  • Team—10% or 2,500,000 tokens
  • Reserve—3% or 1,000,000 tokens

Funds Distribution

The ethereum that will be raised during this ITO is to be distributed as shown below:

  • Equipment—70 percent
  • Marketing—12 percent
  • Administration—8 percent
  • Operational costs—5 percent
  • Development—3 percent
  • Legal—2 percent

The bitXbit Roadmap

BitXbit was founded in 2016. This is when the concept was created before its development started. The initial token offering is expected to take place in July 2018, before mining can commence in August of this year. Phases one and two of this token will also take place in the same month. This will involve constructing the initial rig.

The first hash out event will take place in September. It is estimated that there will be about one hundred operational rigs by November of this year, signaling the end of phase three. The first retail collaboration will begin in December 2018. Early 2019 will signal the commencement of the Q.

The bitXbit Team

The team currently has two members only. These are Matilda Harper Mills, who is the co-founder and digital marketing manager, and Mathew Mills. Mathew is the co-founder and project manager.

bitXbit Bonuses

Currently, there are two participation bonuses in place. These are the Tier One Star Bonus, and the Tier Two Champion bonus. The Tier One Star Bonus is for the first one thousand participants. Those in this group are expected to share ten percent of all the digital assets that are to be generated from the mining project.

The Tier Two Star Bonus will be for the first one thousand participants to make a contribution of 1 ETH. Those in this group will get a twenty percent share of the digital assets.

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