The cryptocurrency mania has certainly spurred the proliferation of business, among which is cloud mining. On a daily basis, remote mining service providers are cropping up. One such example is Bitzhour, a company that is unknown even to Google, which is the preferred point of reference when researching on just about anything.

What Is Bitzhour?

This is newly formed cloud mining firm that offers a variety of services which aim to assist their clientele, primarily Bitcoin holders, in making informed and progressive investment decisions.

By investing in this platform, customers are promised to have everlasting profits at handsome rates. This is in line with the company’s core objective, which is to avail a unique and conducive environment for the growth of their crypto investments. To achieve this, the platform employs the use of innovative minds as well as regularly updating mining infrastructure to keep with evolving trends.

The contact information provided on the Bitzhour website is rather contradicting. Within the text, it states that the company is based in London. The registration certificate placed at the article’s end concurs with this, as it bears an English accreditation.

However, at the home page’s footer, the given address is 2957 Seneca Drive, Woodburn, Oregon, US. Whether this is a human error or not, it certainly raises questions over the credibility of Bitzhour.

Features And Plans

Anybody that is well acquainted to the digital currency world will find the interest rates promised by Bitzhour risible. The firm is assuring customers of a daily interest of up to 9% after successful completion of the registration.

These mouthwatering rates are meant to coax naïve laymen into investing with the enterprise, as they are entirely impracticable and experts would disapprove of them entirely. While the interest is not compounded, investors can always reinvest the profits, though they will be handled separately.

Deposits are unlimited, with the acceptable minimum being $25. Regarding withdrawals, they are effected instantaneously and are free of charge. At a time, one can withdraw a minimum of $10.

Besides investments, members of Bitzhour platform are given an optional Bitzhour Limited debit card. It works on the concept of conventional debit cards, with the only exception being the capability to handle virtual currencies, therefore, is an expedient way of exchanging cryptocurrencies to fiat cash such as dollars and euros.

Is Bitzhour Worth Taking A Risk On?

First, the glaring schoolboy mistake on the company address indicates that something is not right behind the scenes. Probably, the headquarters are non-existent or they were in such a hurry to con innocent investors that they made such a silly mistake, or both.

Secondly, the outlined interest rates are outrageous and unachievable. Typically, cloud mining is not as profitable as setting up your own hardware mining equipment. Therefore, any institutions that comes up with cooked figures and promising unfeasible returns should be treated as a potential scam.

The pointers are there – Bitzhour is far from genuine. Unless proven otherwise, it is a scam that investors should shun into oblivion.

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