What Is Bixtrim?

BIXTRIM is a blockchain-based multi-functional financial platform that will incorporate all the necessary cryptocurrency market features, products and services. The BIXTRIM ICO is looking to fund the use of crypto-based accounts with various established retail banks, and consequently become compliant with multiple financial services requirements.

Their advanced global platform will look to accommodate the advent crypto market fans who are looking to use the innovation to their advantage. To enable this, BIXTRIM will use their native cryptocurrency to allow anyone to participate by becoming a BMX token holder.

How Bixtrim Cryptocurrency Coin Analysis & Blockchain Use Works

Bixtrim will issue the BMX token as a utility currency for the transaction on their network. BMX will go into paying fees and transacting. Additionally, BIXTRIM plan on having a cryptocurrency pawn shop where token holder can pawn the item for a period and regain them later.

BIXTRIM has also created the possibility for the users to hold the BMX tokens and cash through short-term commitments. In essence, BIXTRIM will allow for token holding in return for long-term profits.

There is also the BIXTRIM exchange that will accommodate the crypto trading on the platform. Here, token holders get to hold, trade or exchange cryptocurrency. In the future, BIXTRIM will include a futures support, and a BMX coins credit card.

Bixtrim Benefits

The potential partnership between leading microfinance organizations and the BIXTRIM platform could have drastic changes to the financial services sector. BIXTRIM token holders could have the following advantages by using the network service.

  • An existing platform- BITRIM prides itself of having launched their project 2017. The concept was the brainchild of experts and professionals from the community of blockchain and financial experts.
  • Get to join in on the blockchain industry- With cryptocurrency gaining popularity, there is plenty of applications to the financial sector. BIXTRIM is an example of a like-minded approach brings revolutionary ideas
  • A dynamic professional team- BIXTRIM brings a significant advantage regarding the diversity of their development team. The BIXTRIM team comprises of mixed professionals of different ages, experience, and gender.

Bixtrim BXM Token ICO Details

ICO Dates

  • Start- 1st June 2018
  • End- 31st August 2018
  • Total emission volume is 72 000 000 tokens, which are divided into several parts:
  • 7 800 000 tokens will be sold in discount packages, including.
  • The first week of Sales 1 300 000 (60% discount)
  • The second week of Sales 2 600 000 (40% discount)
  • The third week of Sales 3 900 000 (20% discount)
  • Regular sales process begins from the fourth week
  • 45 800 000 tokens will be sold at an original price.
  • 6 500 000 tokens for referral bonuses and lottery drawing.
  • 11 900 000 tokens stay in possession of co-founders, partners and advisors.

BXM information

  • Ticker- BXM
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Type- ERC20
  • Accepting- BTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat
  • Minimum investment- 30 BXM

Token Distribution Plan

  • Regular sales- 63.6%
  • Referral bonuses- 9.1%
  • Team- 16.5%

Bixtrim Verdict

The BIXTRIM ICO is a slightly familiar concept that is gaining traction in the blockchain industry. While the idea might seem appealing, an obvious hurdle is getting the micro-finance institutions or banks to work with cryptocurrency. Overall, the legal barrier does present a challenge for BIXTRIM, and it is hard to see if the platform can achieve what it intends to do.

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