BizCash Review

As many of us already know, the current economic models employed by various governments all across the globe are majorly flawed. Not only are regular fiat currencies subject to heavy inflation, they are also susceptible to various external changes (drop/ increase in the value of currencies like the USD, EUR etc).

As a result of this, more and more people are slowly turning towards the use of crypto assets not only for large-scale monetary transactions, but also for regular payments of everyday goods and services.

About BizCash

In its most basic sense, BizCash can be thought of as a “digital payment tool” that aims to redefine transactional models that are used by banks and financial institutions across the globe. Some of the key features of BizCash include:


As the platform is based entirely within the blockchain, it can be used for conducting transfers all across the globe in a completely safe and secure manner. The system makes use of password based encryption protocols that allow for complete peace of mind amongst users of BizCash.


Another key feature of this platform is its ability to conduct transactions within its ecosystem in a completely anonymous fashion. Irrespective of the payment amount, no third party user can ever know any details about the people involved with a particular transaction.


Unlike regular banking services that take nearly 2-4 days to clear payments, BizCash makes use of the blockchain, and thus is able to complete all transfers within a matter of seconds.

Other Details To Consider

User Friendly:

The UI being offered by this platform is quite simple and easy to use. The developers have made sure that there is no complex language used within the system (thereby allowing novice users to reap all of the benefits being offered by BizCash).

Backend Services:

Another underrated feature of this system is its ‘asset management’ service. Through the help of expert investors and financial advisors, BizCash is able to assist users in making smart investment choices that have the potential to yield good, long term returns.

Smart Contracts:

To ensure the safety of the funds being utilised within the network, the platform makes use of “smart contracts” to execute payments.

BizCash Token Sale Details

The native token will be called BZZ, and there will be a total of 21,000,000 ( twenty one million) coins that will be created in all. The sale of this currency will take place via the use of two separate sale periods: Pre ICO and ICO.

During the presale, there will be a total of 2 million tokens available, while a total of 6 million coins will be available during the ICO. The ICO will run from the 12th of January, 2018 till the minimum market cap has been reached.

BizCash Token Distribution Scheme

  • 13,000,000 coins will be set aside for the further development of the BizCash platform.
  • 2 million tokens will be released during the Pre ICO phase.
  • The remaining 6 million coins will be sold during the ICO.

For any further doubts, queries regarding BizCash, company representatives can be contacted via email.

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