Bizcazh Coin BZZ ICO

Bizcazh Coin aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market by making it easy to generate profits. Here’s our review.

What is Bizcazh Coin?

Bizcazh Coin, found online at, is a cryptocurrency investment scheme that promises to pay investors easy money with no hard work or risk required.

The platform, like other online scams, uses a lending system to generate money. Typically, when you see the word “lending system” on a sleazy website like this, you can safely replace it with “Ponzi scheme”. These systems rarely actually lend money to anyone – they just collect investors’ money into one centralized pool, then pay older investors with the deposits of newer investors.

Bizcazh Coin also lets users make money by staking and mining.

How Does Bizcazh Coin BZZ Work?

Bizcazh Coin BZZ doesn’t claim to solve any problems in the world today. The company doesn’t seem to offer any products or services. Instead, all Bizcazh Coin really does is offer a lending platform and a mining/staking scheme.

You deposit money into the Bizcazh Coin lending program, lock it up for several months, and Bizcazh Coin will pay you enormous returns per day.

Bizcazh Coin advertises its lending program as an “investment opportunity”. Users are told to expect daily interest rates of 3%. Yes, Bizcazh Coin promises to pay you 3% ROI every day. If someone advertises an investment that pays you anywhere close to 1% per day, it’s an almost 100% sign you’re participating in a Ponzi scheme.

Like all good Ponzi schemes, Bizcazh Coin also rewards users for sharing details of the program with their friends and family. You earn commissions if you convince someone to deposit money into the investment scheme.

Bizcazh Coin Investment Packages

Bizcazh Coin advertises all of the following “investment packages” as part of its lending program:

Silver ($50 to $999)

  • 5% affiliate bonus
  • 5% pairing bonus
  • 1.5% daily ROI

Gold ($1000 to $4999)

  • 10% affiliate bonus
  • 5% pairing bonus
  • 2% daily ROI

Platinum ($5000 to $9999)

  • 15% affiliate bonus
  • 5% pairing bonus
  • 2.5% daily ROI

Titanium ($10,000 and Up)

  • 20% affiliate
  • 5% pairing bonus
  • 3% daily ROI

The lending program appears to already be active. It purportedly launched on January 12, 2018. Bizcazh Coin doesn’t even bother advertising returns “up to” 3% per day. It literally guarantees that investors will be paid 3% returns per day, every day, with no risk.

The Bizcazh Coin ICO

The Bizcazh Coin ICO started on January 12, 2018. The company is selling 6 million coins during the ICO at a price of $0.80 USD. The price will increase $0.10 every time 500,000 Bizcazh Coins are sold.

There’s a total supply of 21 million BZZ tokens. 13 million coins are reserved for “development”. The company provides no further details about how those coins will be spent or allocated.

The token sale continues until February 7, 2018.

Who’s Behind Bizcazh Coin BZZ?

There are countless red flags telling us that Bizcazh Coin is a scam. One of the most obvious red flags, however, is the lack of team information. The company has no team information posted online whatsoever. There’s no way to contact the creators of the company, and there’s no information about where the company is located.

If someone is advertising an “investment opportunity” to you online, and asks you to send money, but refuses to disclose their identity, it means you’re probably being scammed.

Bizcazh Coin BZZ ICO Conclusion

Based on everything we can find online, Bizcazh Coin is a blatant scam. The platform shows no signs of being a legitimate investment opportunity. It advertises a lending scheme with 3% ROI per day guaranteed returns. There’s no transparency about how the platform works, who’s running the platform, or why they’re qualified to handle your investment. Despite this complete lack of information, Bizcazh Coin is demanding that you send money to them for the ICO.

For all of these reasons and more, Bizcazh Coin is one crypto scam you should probably avoid.

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