BlackBox Foundation

What Is BlackBox Foundation?

Blackbox OS (BBOS) is a blockchain-powered platform for the management of distributed companies, teams and projects. BBOS is a typical DApp built on the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of developers, contributors and token holders, individuals who are collectively referred to as the Blackbox Network. By leveraging decentralization of data and smart contacts, BBOS intends to eliminate redundancy, improve collaboration and facilitate the equitable sharing of rewards based on objective assessments.

Undoubtedly, blockchain technology will soon take over, replacing the traditional paper contracts with digital smart contracts. BBOS intends to facilitate a smooth transition by introducing distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence mechanisms. Furthermore, the BBOS network will empower each node, leading to a significant improvement in human cooperation. Also, Blackbox will provide instruments to contributor companies to improve the efficiency of their operations.

BlackBox Foundation Blockchain AI Business Network Aspects

Typically, organizations are a composition of numerous procedures, processes and standards. The Blackbox OS is a dedicated operating system that improves the efficiency of these organizations by boosting both their individual and collective aspects. Precisely, BBOS prioritizes five key elements in any organization. These are:


BBOS understands that different organizations have varying governance models. For this reason, BBOS adopts a flexible approach when looking to improve the way and organization is operated.


Institutions that issue fair compensations usually record higher engagement rates, better service delivery and high client retention. The real challenge, however, lies is ascertaining what is ‘fair.’ BBOS uses the Proof of Value and Deliverable Value Points protocols to conduct this assessment. Moreover, the presence of utility tokens speeds up the process of payment transactions and lowers the overall cost. Due to the reduced expenditure, organizations can reimburse their employees equitably.


From a BBOS perspective, identity is not a mere equivalent of a user’s credentials. Instead, identity is the personal details, accompanied by the user’s reputation and the value of their contributions to the network.


Management is the accomplishment of an organization’s objectives. The Blackbox Token eliminates all inhibitors that may impede the actualization of goals.


The BBOS platform is designed in unique way that makes it immune both to internal and external attacks. By placing a strong emphasis on identity, BBOS prevents the possibility if internal attacks. On the other hand, blockchain technology shields the Blackbox network from possible external attacks. Additionally, BBOS is almost self-sufficient due to the large number of tools. This makes it difficult for third-parties to gain unauthorized access into the system.

BlackBox Foundation System Architecture

The prototype of the BBOS platform is mostly made of Python and Google scripts which seek to eliminate repetitiveness, streamline onboarding and improve the keeping of records. As mentioned earlier, BBOS is built on the Ethereum blockchain, with its smart contracts being written in the Solidity programming language. Regarding file storage, BBOS uses IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) and stores date both on-chain and off-chain to limit transaction fees and avoid overwhelming the network.

Data Storage Layer

Besides limiting the volume of data stored on-chain, IPFS also supports the storage of data in a decentralized manner.

Computation Layer

Similar to data storage, computation is a costly process, especially where large amounts of data are involved. Therefore, BBOS will outsource computation to third-parties.


Despite their rapidly evolving nature, most blockchains cannot cope with the large number of transaction requests. As a prophylactic measure against possible scalability issues, BBOS has already established a network threshold based on transaction volumes. If this threshold is surpassed, BBOS will start aggregating the transactions in blocks. This will ensue that the network is never overwhelmed, regardless of the number of requests.

BlackBox Foundation Features

These include:

  • Participating Collectives – though decentralized, the collectives in the BBOS network have an enormous impact on the platform.
  • Unification of Capital and Labor
  • Liquid Democracy – every user has the right to issue a feedback on issues concerning the platform.
  • Intelligence Amplification – AI will significantly contribute to the future of BBOS.

BlackBox Foundation BBOS Token

The BBOS Token is the native cryptocurrency of the Blackbox Network.


Rh token will be used to acquire services within the BBOS ecosystem. To earn the tokens, user can either perform active work or share date on the platform. The tokens are the preferred medium because of their swiftness and low transaction fees.


BBOS token comes into existence once the governance contract is successfully deployed. Its value proposition will be set by the initial token generation event.

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