Since the inception of Bitcoin back in 2009, the blockchain industry has been growing at an extremely rapid pace. As per recent market statistics, this domain currently is valued at over 700 billions dollars and many analysts believe that the crypto sector will grow nearly 4-5 times in the coming few years.

What Is Blackfolio? is an all new blockchain based platform that allows users to not only manage their assets and place new buy orders, but also experience the benefit of using the strategies deployed by other experienced traders. Additionally, depending upon one’s local laws and regulations, helps users calculate their crypto taxes on their capital gains and annual profits.

Blackfolio Social Crytpo Trading Blockchain Key Aspects

Cross Exchange Trading:

The platform allows users to find the best crypto trading pairs in the market and then place sell & buy orders across multiple exchanges in a streamlined manner.

Mirror Trading:

This is a feature that is commonly used by new investors as it allows them to not only learn the ins and outs of market trading, but also allows them to make instant profits. Using this technique, novice users are able to mirror and copy trades that are executed by experienced investors.

A.I Monitoring Assistance:

When using this platform, users can receive updates regarding specific cryptos and markets with the touch of a button. Additionally, also comes with an AI module that actively tracks and records cryptocurrency speculations from social medias channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Transaction Monitoring:

Another underrated aspect of this service is that it allows users to keep a close tab on their investments and monetary transactions.


Users never have to divulge information pertaining to their private keys when using this platform. Additionally, there are other security settings that one can play around with to customize the system as per their liking.


Since this platform makes use of a 2FA security check process, users can login to their profiles in a completely private manner.

Third Party Integration:

Owing to its use of an open source API, external apps can be incorporated into the central framework of quite easily.

Blackfolio BLACK Token ICO Details

The system makes use of a native currency called BLACK to execute all internal transactions. In all, there will be a total of 600 000 000 tokens that will be created. However, only 318 000 000 of them will be made available to buyers during the ICO phase.

The base price of 1 BLACK coin is $0.04.

As per the whitepaper, the ICO is phase is already underway and will end on the 30th of April, 2018.

Allocation Of Tokens

  • 53% of the currency pool will be released during the ICO phase.
  • 16% will be set aside in a reserve.
  • Another 16% will be be made available to the founders of the company as well as the core team behind this project,
  • The remaining tokens will be distributed via an Airdrop or used for the creation of a bounty program.

Allocation Of Raised Revenue

  • 62% of the money will be used to further development the platform
  • 24% will be spent on marketing and advertising.
  • The remaining funds will be used to cover for legal and admin costs.

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