Blend claims to be an all-in-one solution for cross-platform lending and investing. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Blend?

Blend, found online at, promises to maximize the profits of investors by letting them access multiple lending platforms through a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

The company was launched in Q4 2017. However, a beta version of the platform isn’t scheduled to launch until Q2 2018. Despite the lack of public product, the company is holding an ICO throughout Q1 2018.

How Blend Cryptocurrency Lending Investments Platform Works

Users access Blend through a single dashboard. That dashboard allows users to access multiple lending platforms without separately logging into each one. Users can manage and track their cross-platform “investments” in different lending platforms.

Blend platform promises to “actively monitor and interact with multiple lending platforms.” However, the company doesn’t list any specific lending platforms. Obviously, some cryptocurrency exchanges operate legitimate lending platforms. However, lending platforms are also associated with infamous Ponzi schemes like Bitconnect and Davor. Will Blend allow users to interact with these scammy lending schemes? Or will the company focus on legitimate, high-quality lending schemes?

Blend Features

Blend’s whitepaper emphasizes all of the following features:

  • Cross-Platform: Blend will allow users to interact with multiple cryptocurrency lending platforms through a single dashboard.
  • Bonus System: Blend will have a “bonus system for different ways to make more profits,” explains the whitepaper in a mysterious way.
  • Token: Blend Coins (BLE) will be tradeable across exchanges.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Blend will offer active monitoring of multiple lending platforms and contracts.
  • Security: Blend will implement security features like two factor authentication (2FA), server encryption, DDoS attack protection, and SSL.
  • Wallet: Blend will launch a wallet for web, desktop, iOS, and Android
  • Exchange: Blend will have an internal exchange with API functionality.
  • Lending Review System: Blend will feature reviews and comparisons from across the lending platform industry.

In terms of “bonuses”, the company claims users can receive extra BLE coins by joining lending programs through the Blend dashboard. The company also has a staking program that pays you for holding coins in your Blend wallet. Other bonus opportunities include affiliate income and trading challenges.

Blend will pay you “an interest bonus up to 10%” for staking coins in your Blend wallet. It’s unclear if this is an annual return, a monthly return, or a daily return.

Blend BLE ICO Details

Blend tokens, or BLE, are ERC20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain.

There’s a total supply of 40 million BLE tokens. Just 8 million tokens are being sold during the ICO.

Tokens will be sold at a rate of 1 ETH = 2,000 BLE during the pre-sale, rising to 1 ETH = 1,200 BLE during the final round of the ICO.

The company’s whitepaper doesn’t specifically explain where ICO proceeds will go. It vaguely mentions things like “system development and IT” (40% of ICO proceeds), “investors” (30%), “business development” (20%), and “marketing/advertisement” (10%).

The ICO is scheduled to take place in Q1 2018. However, the company has not announced specific dates for the token sale as of February 2018.

Who’s Behind Blend?

Blend describes its team as a “European based company with a team that consists of highly-skilled professional developers, software engineers, project manager and advisors.” That team is “all very experienced within stock market trading and investment platforms.”

The company does not reveal further team information on the whitepaper or website.

Not all companies reveal team information online. However, it’s a huge red flag when a company refuses to disclose team information – especially when they’re dealing with a lending platform. Infamous lending scams like Bitconnect and DavorCoin refused to disclose team information throughout their entire run, for example.

The only way to contact the company is through their social media profiles, including their Facebook page and their Twitter profile. No other contact information is listed online.

Blend Conclusion

Lending program scams are rampant across the cryptocurrency industry. Bitconnect, Regal Coin, Davor Coin, and other Ponzi schemes have given the crypto lending industry a bad name. Now, Blend wants to consolidate all of these lending programs into a single platform.

Blend doesn’t have any product in place. The company wasn’t formed until late 2017, and they don’t appear to have begun developing the platform. Instead of developing the platform first, the company has chosen to launch an ICO for its BLE tokens.

It’s unclear why Blend has its own BLE token, and the whitepaper features no technical details about the platform whatsoever. The company also doesn’t disclose any team information whatsoever.

Ultimately, Blend gives investors little reason to believe there’s a legitimate product here, and the lack of transparency is a huge red flag that Blend is yet another lending scam catered to the same gullible people who invested in Bitconnect and Davor.

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