Blender Bitcoin Mixer

Many people get considerably worried about the chance that other people might be able to trace the money that they spend using Bitcoin. In fact, even though Bitcoin states that its transactions are anonymous, there are means to trace them. What do you do, then?

You can use some type of cryptocurrency like Monero that is really anonymous or you can decide to use some cryptocurrency mixer like

What Is Blender? is a cryptocurrency mixer. This means that you can use the site to be able to mix or tumble your cryptos, which will make them less traceable and, therefore, more anonymous. By using a service like this one, you can guarantee some level of anonymity using Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, this product is only compatible with Bitcoin at the current moment, so you will have to wait some more time if you are interested in mixing other types of tokens like Ethereum, for instance.

How Blender Bitcoin Mixer Service For Safely Mixing Coins Works

The service is actually very straightforward. The main goal of using this type of software is generally to break the connections that can be seen on the blockchain. When you use Bitcoin, you can trace the connections and transactions but not the people. This software can help you to break the transaction record so that you will not be found because the tokens are mixed.

Mixing is generally made by taking your Bitcoin and mixing it with other Bitcoin in a random way. This effectively breaks the connections and cuts your trace right when you decided to mix your tokens.

Using Blender

The process of using is actually quite simple. You just have to use your Bitcoin address and deciding a service fee and a delay. The mixing can be instantaneous or take up to 24 hours, that much is up to you. You also have the freedom to choose how much you are going to pay for the process: 0.5% to 3% of the value that will be mixed.

After mixing tokens for the first time, you will receive a mixing code that you will have to use to be sure that you will not receive your tokens again by using the company once more.

Blender Bitcoin Mixer Conclusion

If you are concerned about people knowing how you are going to use Bitcoin, this company can definitely be a good choice for you. The fees are not big and the service looks to be considerably secure.

Just remember not to use Bitcoin in any illegal activity, as you never know if a system like this will really be 100% effective and they are made for privacy, not to enable criminals to get away with buying illegal goods.

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