In traditional online casinos there is an absence of fairness or transparency checking facilities. A player has to rely on the Casino’s goodwill or third party recommendations. There is no way for the user to check the source code or whether the server is generating random data. This is not good for casinos who play fairly as it discourages gamblers from using online casinos.

Blind Croupier aimes to solve this by providing a fair and transparent software for online casinos.

What Is Blind Croupier?

Blind Croupier is a Business to Business(B2B) gambling software development company that provides a decentralized, fast, fair and transparent gambling solutions for casinos. A player or any third party can check all the transaction, confirm the source code validity and check a casino’s advantage at their will. The verification process is made simple too.

Since all business understandings have been implemented by smart contracts, it seems obvious that even online casino industry will shift to the new paradigm. Execution of smart contracts in the betting transaction will uplift the trust and reliability for both casinos and gamblers.

Blind Croupier Casino Gambling Software Blockchain Advantages

  • Fast: The innovative algorithm lets players to place bets, draw, replace cards, finish the game or begin a new game as fast as their internet connection permits.
  • Fair: Game is controlled by a smart contract and the result about each played game is safely stored on the blockchain. This helps solve disputes and forms a reference point for future verification.

Blind Croupier WIN ICO Details

WIN Token is Blind Croupier project’s currency and is used to measure other goods and services on their platform. It is a standard ERC20 token based on Ethereum platform. The ICO sale started on 29th August 2017 and went on till 29th September 2017. With a start bonus of 25%, they have managed to sell 386 million of the 500 million tokens intended. 0.35 ETH would fetch you 1000 WIN.

The economic model of WIN Token is based on Deflation model which ties the economic success of Blind Croupier to the token value. 15% of the royalties will be used for step-by-step buying back of WIN tokens . The better project performs, the more funds will be used for token withdrawal. To prevent low liquidity because of withdrawal, they have a marketmaker which stores tokens and other currencies on its balance and actively buys and sells WIN tokens by market price according to the planned algorithm.

Blind Croupier Conclusion

Blind Croupier have worked hard to deliver the tools necessary for the gamble industry to shift to new standards of decentralized, unbiased, fair and transparent online gaming. There Beta version of video-poker is already ready and can be tested. They can heavily benefit from their B2B SaaS model because of the recent favorable trend in gambling industry.

However little to no information on the management can be found online and there is no indication of any advisory board.

More can be found out about Blind Croupier and their product on their website

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