What Is Bloc10?

Bloc10 is a digital platform that sheds more light on Bitcoin arbitrage trading. Bitcoin arbitrage involves buying the cryptocurrency on an exchange platform at a low price and selling on another exchange platform for higher prices. Bitcoin price varies on various exchange platforms because there is no direct link among markets.

In some cases, the trading volume on many exchanges is low, which makes it difficult for the price to immediately adjust to the average. On the Bloc10 platform, you have the opportunity to become a total elite member and start arbing Bitcoin.

How Bloc10 Blockchain FinTech System & Bitcoin Trend Bot Works

Yes, arbitrage trading can generate huge profits, but it comes with its downsides too. For example, it is time consuming, and you can only cover a given number of trades at a time in a day. Besides, the process cannot be automated. It is for this reason that Bloc10 is here, with its total elite membership program. In this case, you become the arb army. Their trading bot generates a limited maximum profit of $552.70 regardless of how much capital you invest.

Well, all arbitrage trades have limitations. On the Bloc10 platform, there are more trading opportunities than traders. The predator system creates up to 100,000 raw trades each day. The system then filters through them and gives only the best of the best to their elite members.

With the creation of more cryptocurrencies, a huge arbitrage trading opportunity exists. However, it’s not available on all the Wall Street Hedge Funds. Many people are wondering why this happens. Well, such platforms offer it, but the opportunities are limited in terms of total dollars. That means a trader cannot make millions or billions in a day, which is possible in other markets. Besides, the trades are so limited, generating between $1000 and $5000 per trade, which is not worth the time. Traders need $5 million on a good trade.

Bloc10 Advantages

  • There are no minimums in terms of account size or trade size. Besides, it comes with low or no barrier to entry.
  • Trades take place throughout. The platform believes that crypto never sleeps and is nonstop
  • The platform has new exchanges, tokens, and coins joining it almost every day. While Bitcoin arbitrage trading may be reducing to zero, new opportunities arise from lesser-known coins such as ZZC, MOTO, and others.
  • The platform is flexible. Users can trade as they want, when they want. The platform generates hundreds of trading opportunities every day, but it’s not possible to get them all.
  • There is low or no investment required in trading computers. In traditional arbitrage trading, users encounter high expenses involving equipment, software development, and other expenses.

Your Bloc10 Questions Answered

Does Trading Happen 24 Hours A Day?

Yes, there is no time to close. The platform believes that crypto never sleeps and is nonstop.

How Frequently Are The Trading Opportunities Available In A Typical Day?

The frequency varies and some days are slow with light volumes. This leads to fewer trading opportunities. At the same time, there can be up to hundreds of signals in a day, which is more than a trader can handle.

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