What Is Bloccelerate?

Bloccelerate is a global accelerator and a fund that is focused on investing in the blockchain companies globally. The aim of this project is to bring together a community that is decentralized. This community comprises of mentors, advisors, and developers that facilitate the DApp ecosystem.

What Bloccelerate Offers

  • A 12-week development program, which covers five startups per cohort with three cohorts, held each year.
  • Seed funding of $50,000 to $1,000,000 for each startup
  • Supporting a startup with ancillary structures and token incentives
  • Talent sourcing from a pool of 500 blockchain developers
  • Offering startups access to global blockchain industry experts and assessments

The Categories Of Platforms In Which Bloccelerate Invests

Blockchain Platforms

These platforms facilitate the creation of new mechanisms via which various apps, service, and use cases can be produced. Examples of such platforms are Blockstack, Ethereum, Tezos, Cardano, and many others.

Blockchain Apps

These apps run on the blockchain platforms and are meant to eliminate the existing intermediaries. The apps span 17 industries that include financial services, the insurance industry, healthcare, and much more. Examples are companies such as Brave, NumerAI, and Ox.

Ecosystem Startups

These are startups, which support development and growth of the blockchain ecosystem such as exchanges, algorithm providers, security software, and much more.

Types of Investments they Make:

  • Idea Stage- $50,000 Investment
  • Accelerator -$200,000 Investment
  • Follow-on Funding -$1,000,000 Investment

The Bloccelerate Team

Kate Mitselmakher is the CEO and founder of this project. She studied at Harvard and currently works at Gartner Invest and Alchemist Accelerator. Previously, she has worked at American Accessories international, LLC. The VP for Global Operations is Sheikh Mohammed Irfan. Mr. Irfan also works at CyberGiant System and Center for Asia. He studied at MIT and the SAID Busines School. The Chief Advisor is Ray Valdes. He also works as the Chief Transformation Officer at ConsenSys. A notable advisor for this project is Bill Shihara, the CEO of Bittrex.

The Future Of Blockchain

By 2030, the blockchain is predicted to have generated 3.1 trillion dollars in value. Today, blockchain use cases span over 18 industries from finance, healthcare, energy, to utilities, and the supply chain.

Three Phases Of The Bloccelerate Blockchain

  • Blockstorm – The current blockchain ecosystem
  • Blockform – The phase that arrives within the next 5 years; it will lead to the blockchain going mainstream with just a few clear winners
  • Blocknorm – This is expected to occur in the next 9 years. It will see the blockchain consolidate its position with the creation of better and highly advanced systems.

Be Part Of The Bloccelerate Future

Be part of the Blocelerate Global Academy if you want to change the future. This community consists of enthusiasts and blockchain developers. The goal of Bloccelerate is to create a center of excellence for the blockchain world.

Through this knowledge center, those who wish to be part of the future can access all the resources and expertise they need in just one place. To apply, just click on the apply button on the site. Besides that, you can text them or call them if you have any questions.

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