BlocForm Global

What Is BlocForm Global?

Blocform Global is a new blockchain company that intends to revolutionize the entertainment e-commerce and the travel industry by changing how stars and their fans interact online. The company has developed its own token (BFG tokens) in order to power the platform.

The BFG tokens are made with the Ethereum technology and they will be used to break the barriers between fans and celebrities by opening a direct communication channel between them that is decentralized and transparent.

BlocForm Global BFG Token ICO Details

The ICO sale of this company started on May 10 and it will last for eight weeks. You will be able to buy a total of 4033 BFG tokens with 1 ETH when the tokens are at full price. As some time have already passed, you can buy the tokens with a 10% bonus for a while, until the bonus diminishes to 5% only.

With the referral program, you will be able to make 10% profit from any referral that you can get directly and 5% for indirect referrals, so call your friends and make some money.

About 28% of the money raised with the sale will be used for development, 18% in marketing, 15% will go to the founders, 6% to the advisory board, 32% to reserves and 1% to legal costs.

How BlocForm Global Blockchain Payment Platform Works

The main goal of this platform is to connect users, celebrities and brands in a way that it can be profitable and fun for all the involved. The idea is the creation of an ecosystem in which you will be able to transact and have exclusive services and products. Fans can make online purchases of many different products by using this company’s platforms.

To use this company, you have to use the tokens, as they will be the only way for you to pay for the services and goods that will be offered by Blocform Global. The main ecosystem consists in three services mainly: the mobile App World Celebrities, Mobile App E-Commerce and the Online Booking Service.

The World Celebrities app will be free membership platform that you can use to connect with your celebrities without having to pay. The revenue from this app comes from collecting big data from the user, selling stickers and ads.

Blocform Global’s e-commerce platform has many specialized services that will cater to celebrity fans. You can create your own store to sell your products or you can decide to only purchase them. Finally, there is the online booking service, in which you can book flights, hotels and other services for more than 200 countries and has VIP options for members.

Some of the most important features of the company are its unique e-commerce system that allows for the businesses to sell merchandises and services of celebrities, the API for advertisers, an advertising dashboard, a “celebrities’ online store”, live streaming and analytical data panels that you can use.

The company states that this will bring benefits to all the involved, from the investors who are supporting the company during the ICO from the fans that will have additional content that they can only via the platform. Advertisers and marketers also have a fertile ground for their businesses in this platform.

Who Is Behind BlocForm Global?

The team that has created this company is made of experts in blockchain technology and software engineering. The main staff is David Lee (founder), Kiki Wu (Chief Marketing Officer), Ni Lin (Chief Executive Officer) and Eric Alexandre Ceret (Creative Specialized Director).

The main advisors are Jukka Pellinen (financial advisor), Amarpreet Singh (blockchain consultant) and Max Ng (blockchain technology advisor).

The ecosystem created by this company unites partners from many countries, including the United States, China, Japan, Korea and India. These partners work in the entertainment industry and they are ready to accept the tokens of the company for their services. Some partners of the company are Gudao Culture, Global Topstars and TopTrade.

BlocForm Global Conclusion

This company definitely offers something that can be considered interesting by celebrity fans. Our main doubt about how well this company will do in the market comes from doubts on whether how popular the company will actually be in the end because this is vital for any type of marketplace.

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