This post will be exceptionally short and sweet and straight to the point seeing how we just had someone report to us that a weird looking website URL by the name of is posing as a imitation of (one of the most popular bitcoin/cryptocurrency websites for wallets and blockchain stats) and was running google advertising for keywords. The URL being shown was just for future reference for anyone who happens to run by the site or see ackward looking URLs trying to get uninformed users to use their site by phishing for private keys and data.

This is just a simple reminder to stay woke to the fact that just because cryptocurrency is the money of the future, it wont bring out all the bad actors and maliciously minded individuals who will do anything to scheme others out of their coins and tokens.

Hopefully we do not have to do too many posts titled “ Fake Scam Website Attemping To Fool” but we will always do our best to research and review any and all comments and feedback we get from our valued visitors and readers.

Thanks for making Bitcoin Exchange Guide one of the fastest growing websites in the crypto space.

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