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Leave it to #cryptotwitter to stir up some controversy about the coin that has been causing the most conversation: EOS.

In the latest update as their MainNet went live – moving off the ETH blockchain onto their own – there has been a question of “Did Block.One contribute to the EOS token Distribution” and the fact they said “intend to engage an independent third party auditor who will release an independent audit” regarding the fact and assurance that Block.One did not purchase any EOS tokens during its year long initial coin offering.

He then followed up with a tweet saying “if concerned about Tether (USDT) then ask the same questions about EOS too”. He goes on to say the potential blowup and harm that could be done is if Block.One did in fact buy up their own EOS ICO – as an example sending themselves 100 ETH worth of EOS and get the same ETH while crediting themselves with EOS coins. Nic went on to say it would guarantee chain control by having a hidden stake that is large and dominating.

With even more commentary, as you can see below he is insinuating that EOS bought their own ICO with their own ETH. How to buy your own ICO – juice for activity, create media and marketing showing biggest initial coin offering ever made, and hide extra stake and have total control over a decentralized Enterprise Operating System. He does add this is all assumption by default but much like Brad Cohen of BitTorrent said, “all ICOs are scams until proven“.

He does add more fuel to the fire in saying there was an Ethereum mixer running for the last year and half – facilitating millions of transactions – which could lead to his theory and the EOS ICO management.

Here is another comment worth weighing into consideration on EOS outlook:

Take time to read more EOS news because this cryptocurrency is sure to dominate the upcoming headlines this month of June.

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What do you guys think about EOS and their main net launch controversy?

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