Block Sports

What Is Block Sports?

Block Sports is a sports betting exchange that allows users to bet against each other on the possible outcome of various sports events. It is similar to the buy-and-sell mechanism of crypto exchanges. Users will be able to bet against the outcome of any event they pick.

The project is powered by the Neo blockchain. Thus, all betting is secure and immutable. There is also an escrow service, and all processing occurs on chain. This means users have control of their funds at all times.

Block Sports Blockchain Sports Betting Exchange Use Case

The crypto ecosystem is rife with products, which shoehorn decentralized tech in areas where it does not bring any added benefits. While this was expected, companies that do not offer market value or means of monetization bring into question the longevity of a product. This product is different; it has a clear means of monetization and use-case. It will provide sports betting to holders of crypto.

The Market

It is estimated that about USD 1140 billion goes to sports betting every year within regulated markets. However, there are no statistics for the people that use crypto and bet often. Recently, a crypto gambling ring was uncovered, and it was worth USD 1.5 billion. This shows that there is a market available. If there is a legal outlet for crypto betting, the market may grow even bigger.

The goal of Block Sports is to create value in terms of usability and security so that the masses can flock to this project. Right now, there is no viable solution, which offers what Block Sports has to offer. If the launch succeeds, this project will surpass all expectations.

Block Sports BSX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: BSX
  • Date: Q3 2018
  • Total Supply: 16,000,000 BSX
  • Pre-Sale: $ 1,200,000 BSX
  • Crowd Sale: 10,000,000 BSX
  • Pre-Sale Price: $0.40 USD
  • Token Sale Price: $0.50 USD

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