Block Street Bitcoin Crypto Crash Course

Today our blog will review a new site called This site promises to tell you a new Bitcoin secret that will make you earn 55 times more money investing in Bitcoin than you have already been earning.

The person who created the site tells that his returns got 39 times higher in only 5 months by using this secret and that you can do it, too, using only 3 cryptocurrencies. Is this real? Is it a scam?

What Block Street Bitcoin Crypto Crash Course Offers

This site was created by someone supposedly called Evan Musk (any similarities with Elon Musk are probably intentional if this is, in fact, a fake site). He starts telling you that he should have invested in Bitcoin in 2012 and that you cannot make the same mistakes or you will deeply regret them because people got rich by investing in Bitcoin.

He shows data to prove that Bitcoin was the best investment of the last decade (which is common knowledge, really), but what he is going to teach has nothing to do with the price of Bitcoin rising because he will teach you to predict how cryptocurrencies like Zurcoin (which went up 3558% in a single week), BitTokens (7700% in a week) and Sprouts (15595% in a week) can appear.

He tells a story that he was the vice president of JP Morgan (Which he was not) and he was conservative, but seeing the potential of the cryptocurrency market, he decided to drop everything and get rich. He also claims to have co-founded E.Musk Research (which is also a lie).

“Evan Musk” also states that he is a member of the Bitcoin 1% and several other claims in a very long page full of information about how to get rich using cryptocurrencies.

Finally, he offers you the opportunity to buy his services in a Crypto Crash Course which contains all the information that you need for “only” $19.99 USD.

Is A Scam?

Yes. is a scam. This company not only claims a lot of things that are false, it also states that you can predict the market, which is not the truth. Not even the best economists can really predict the market with an almost perfect level of certainty.

Evan Musk probably does not even exist. The scammer that created this site probably choose the name because of the famous Elon Musk. He was certainly not a vice president in JP Morgan and all that he claims in his site are probably lies or misdirection for you to buy his course. If this course was really so good, would a millionaire be selling it for only $19.99 USD? This does not make sense at all.

Block Street Bitcoin Crypto Crash Course Conclusion

Do not waste your money on this scam. is clearly a company that is trying to take your money and convince you to buy investment information that will not be useful for you. Avoid this site.

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