There are a ton of different ICOs coming out everyday on the cryptocurrency market.

One of the best ways to succeed as an ICO is to be a company that is highly unique and ads value to the investors life in one way or another. Ethereum did it through the use of Smart Contracts, Litecoin by its fast speed, and Ripple by being able to tie banks and financial institutions together with cryptocurrency and businesses. BlockBits is potentially another investment platform that is doing things slightly different, but just enough so that it sticks out from the crowd.


How Does Blockbits Work?

The platform gives users different permissions to allow them to have more control over their money. The innovative mechanisms that operate the technology within the platform are unique to BlockBits only. For example, there are options to safeguard vaults, so they are safe and secure milestone-based payment gateways, designed to only be independent when certain criteria is met. With the help of BlockBits, users have full governance over the platforms they are using as do the token holders. The platform has been launched through the same node submitted as MVP. The autonomous platform is passed among the blockchain and mutable only with community approval. Blockchain is basically here to help innovate the industry and bring to fruition the ideas of tomorrow.

What is the ICO on Blockbits?

The ICO on the decentralized investment network is live right now. There has currently been 768932.12 BBX Tokens Sold. You can join the company on Telegram.

The company has social media accounts in YouTube, Twitter and Faceboook. You can follow any of them to stay up to date with everything that is currently happening and related to the company.

Who is Behind Blockbits?

There is a substantial team behind the platform, all of them can be seen on the company website – and they all have verified credentials and LinkedIn profiles. You can also learn more about the entire company on the whitepaper, available through the BlockBits website.

Blockbits in Conclusion

The company has some great ideas to protect the money of investors if an ICO is failing to uphold to its standards and promises and it gives the ICOs incentives to work harder to keep up fair practices, so the investors don’t back out along the way. To see the roadmap for the company and possibly become a participant in the BlockBits network, head to the company website to learn more.

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